Sunday 30 October 2011

The Calm after the storm

Last Monday in Ireland we had a ridiculously bad rain storm. A months worth or rain fell in 24 hours. Traffic  was effected when rivers burst their banks and roads were completely flooded. Even Dundrum shopping centre had to close early when water started flowing in the front doors.

So after a crazy amount of time being stuck in the house, unable to even step outside, I took my stir crazy child and dog for a walk to burn off the excess energy. The fields behind my house are a total escape from city life. Being a country girl and having grown up around horses and open land I relish the fact that I can go here to unwind. The fields at the moment are home to some lovely friendly horses which Amina just adores. We brought over some carrots so Amina could give them a little treat.

The fields were flooded in parts which looked so beautiful against the setting sun.

After our trek through the fields munching on blackberries and jumping in muddy puddles

 we stopped off at the pond to see if the ducks were home. The setting sun reflecting on the water was so peaceful and the still water made a stark contrast with the insane weather we had the day before.

The ducks weren't home but the swans came over to say hello.

Tragically an off duty garda was killed as a result of the flooding after being swept away while trying to come to the aid of a motorist. It's times like these you really appreciate the small things in life and those little moments spent doing what truly makes you happy, like the special time with your family enjoying what nature has to offer. RIP Garda Jones
What are the moments in time that allow you to reflect on what's important? Anyone else country girls living in the big city, dying to escape?

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