Tuesday 27 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Stephen's Day

This was my outfit choice for yesterday, St.Stephen's Day. Usually a day spent relaxing, enjoying family and the gifts received or like so many out there, shopping the sales. Unfortunately I wasn't shopping the sales, I was working the sales. It was INSANE! I have worked alot of sales over a great number of years and I have never seen anything like yesterday. Pure Madness.
Stephen's Day Outfit

Dress, Cardigan, Boots and Hat - River Island
I love the boho vibe of this entire look. The hat is my colour, the dress has a feather print and that cardi is divine. Everything about it is me, me, me...
Jewellery - House of Harlow 1960
Again with my favourite boho design jewellery. Again with that bangle. Ah I love it so much, it kills me that I still don't have it. January pay check, you are already spent. I have to have these pieces!
I hope you like the outfit and that you all had a wonderful Christmas. If you hit the sales, you're very brave. Dying to go through my blog role and see all the sales hauls.

Sunday 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Just a little note to say Happy Christmas to you all. Sending you all the greatest love and hoping each and everyone of you have a beautiful day. Be safe and enjoy. Thanks for coming to visit and thanks for reading. Kisses from Me and my Angel

Friday 23 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Christmas Day

For my Christmas Day Outfit in my Christmas Outfit series, I have decided to put together an outfit the speaks about my style. From the boho feel of the outfit, the comfort factor, adding to the fact that all the pieces I adore and are, as singular pieces, each divine. I also put together this outfit with the thoughts of wearing it again as an outfit and also mixing and matching the pieces with other items of my closet in order to make entirely different statements. The Jeffrey Campbell "Litas" are still one of my favourite pairs of shoes around at the moment. When I talked a little about them in my LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE post I said that alot of my outfit ideas over the next few months and running into the near year would all contain these beauts. I haven't varied from that at all. I think in "Lita" style. It's quickly becoming a problem as I am yet to buy a pair :(
Anyway, here is my Christmas Day Outfit
New Years Day Outfit

Skirt Kimono, Top - All River Island
I love this outfit in its entirety. The skirt is a fabulous Waterfall style skirt with a shorter front and longer back. It's a beautiful colour which I can carry through to summer and it's a fab lightweight silk fabric, perfection! The Kimono is so beautiful. The flowers are like velvet and the tassels are divine. It really reminds me of a vintage kimono or even more updated, a Winter Kate piece. Either way, it looks way more expensive and designer looking than the price I paid for it. The vest top then is just a staple piece that is needed in every one's wardrobe.
Hat - Topshop
I love this hat, I want this hat, I need this hat.
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Booties
See here in order to read about my obsession.
Jewellery - House of Harlow 1960
Obsessed. There really are no words. This bangle was on my Christmas List. Will I get it, probably not :( After Christmas when all the hype has died down and all the January bills are paid I will buy it for myself. I have to...
Lipgloss - Nars Ophelia
I hope you like this outfit. There will definitely be pictures to come for this particular one, so stay tuned for that.
What will ya'll be wearing on Christmas Day? Do you go glam or comfortable for the day?

Thursday 22 December 2011

The **X in Xfactor Was Revealed

So yes, I like to post about everything that is in my head even if it is a little late. I should have posted this last week but seriously, I have a child and Christmas in Retail is so hectic is doesn't really leave alot of time for anything, especially blogging. So anyway, the Xfactor has finished and I am crowning the beautiful, sassy, sophisticated and oh so damn gorgeous Kelly Rowland the undoubted winner of the style stakes. These are her dresses from the Finale Weekend.

Week 10:
Saturday: Nicholas Oakwell Dress, Crisian and McCaffrey Shoes, De Beers Jewellery with an Amanda Wakely for Ernest Jones Cuff
This is such a beautiful dress. I love the collar detailing and the plunging neckline. The colour is gorgeous and really suits the beauty that is wearing the dress. I love the slight pleating detail on the skirt and the way it falls is so pretty

Sunday: Bespoke Julien MacDonald Couture Dress, Giuseppe Zanotti and H. Stern Jewellery
Saving the best until last. WOW!! You can tell this dress is couture. The details on this dress is superb. The fit, the design, the colour the hem line are all so truly gorgeous. I love it. Oh if only all of us could afford bespoke couture designs, then we'd all look Awesome all the time.

I think it's obvious for anyone to see Kelly Rowland has officially landed as a Style Star. She rocked it pretty much everytime. Here are my top five of the dresses she wore over the course of the 10 weeks.
I love each and every one of these top 5 for different reasons, but as a collection, WOW!!
So that's it for Xfactor for another year. Whether Kelly will be back for another year is yet to be seen, but if she is, you know she's gonna smash it.
I'm delighted for Little Mix who won and for Tulisa who genuinely seemed to be emotionally invested in the group. I love their style as a girl band and their voices are spectacular. When they sang Beyonce's If I were a boy my hairs stood on end and that's when I realised how good they really were. I'll get their album once it comes out, that is if they stay true to their style and don't get caught up in the hype and change who they are.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Christmas Eve

As promised, the next Post in my Christmas Outfit Series, Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve for so many is spent preparing the final pieces in the puzzle for the day itself, whether that be getting to the destination where you are spending Christmas Day, picking up the last few gifts in the freezing cold or wrapping all the presents and getting those little surprises ready. Whatever it is that you will be doing on Christmas Eve you know you will need to be comfortable, warm and feeling extra snuggly. Thus my Christmas Eve Outfit.
Christmas Eve Outfit

Shoes - Minnetonka Moccasins
I am so deeply in love with Moccasins especially the Minnetonka brand. I could wear these every single day of my life and be happy. I will be purchasing a few pairs of these, hopefully, in the upcoming months.
Everything Else - River Island
I love this outfit. If there was any complete outfit that could describe my everyday style perfectly, this is it. Everything from the beautiful jacket, the colouring of the jeans, the little pom pom on the top of the hat and the gorgeous snuggly cardigan, is me in a nutshell. I really wanted this coat but unfortunately by the time I got the chance to buy my winter coat it was out of stock, SOB!! I got another River Island coat instead which I am obsessed with. 
I hope you like the outfit. What will you be doing on Christmas Eve, and more importantly, What will you be wearing?

Tuesday 20 December 2011

The Excitement Begins

My Christmas Excitement begins on December 8th. This is when I fish all my boxes and tree out of the shed in order to decorate my home. The tree goes up, the baubles, ribbon and lights are carefully placed in an orderly fashion and Santa graces my presence once more by taking up pride of place in front of my fire place (which doesn't contain a working fire). Candles are lit, lights twinkle and the Christmas Spirit once again fills my home. I am a Christmas Lover. It is my favourite time of the year. I love the magic! For as long as I can remember Christmas has always been a happy occasion and has been focused solely on the importance of family, love and just being together. Presents are just a happy bonus. This year while I decorated my house I played the new Michael Buble Christmas album which completely added to the vibe. I now cannot wait until the day itself for a few different reasons. This is the first year that Amina really understands the concept of Santa which has truly brought the magic back to the day. We will spend the day at my Mum's house with the family which I always love. Eating, drinking and laughing together, to me what it's all about. And I'm getting the boots I want ;)

 Are ya'll excited for Christmas this year? What are your Christmas Traditions?

Sunday 18 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Christmas Girl's Night Out

Following the first in my Christmas Outfit Series, The Work Night OutI have decided to do the Girl's Night Out outfit as the second post. Practically everyone I know gets together with their girlies for a Christmas Night out Blowout before spending the holidays with the family. This is my pick for a Girl's Night Out Outfit.

Girls Christmas Night Out

Shoes and Dress - River Island
I love this dress. Simple As! The colour is beautiful, that perfect shade on me. I much prefer a navy to a black, I find it much softer and flattering. The lace is perfection, such a hot trend for the season. There are so many lace dresses out there it's hard to choose your favourite. And the cut outs, I've already talked about how much I love cut outs on the waist of a dress in my last XFactor post. Just a little added sex appeal.
And those shoes, ah, those shoes *Collective Sigh*
Clutch - Accessorize
The staple clutch, big enough to hold everything, fabulous colour and the quilted design. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Bangle - "Bellerina" at the Ivory Closet
No need for an explanation, just because...
Makeup - Blusher by YSL, Lipgloss by Nars and Nail Varnish Nicole by OPI - Not a Gold Bigger
I love this Blush, such a perfect shade of pink. The gloss, who doesn't love a Super Orgasm (Yes, I said it). The nail varnish, I just like that shade. I found the picture of the eye makeup on Pinterest and it immediately jumped out at me. The colour matched the outfit perfectly, while being smokey enough for a big night out.

I hope you like this outfit. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do a Christmas Girl's Night Out this year as I was working, maybe next year. For those of you who are heading out, be safe and wrap up warmly. Keep an eye out for Tuesday when I will be posting the next in my Christmas Outfit Series ~ Christmas Eve.

Thursday 15 December 2011

The **X in XFactor Continued

Ok so yes, this post is a little late and should have gone up last week but I work in Retail and it's the busiest time of the year so I have put the blog slightly on the back burner while working my tush off. This is the second last of my Xfactor Posts, I will cover the final weekend on a separate post.
As per usual Kelly "Smashed it" when it came to the fashion competition between her and Tulisa.

From Left Week 7:
Sass & Bide Spring/Summer 2012 Dress, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Lorraine Schwartz Earrings, Rings from Asprey and De Beers
OMG, OMG, OMG I literally DIE for this dress. I took such a sharp intake of breathe when I saw this dress that my husband had to ask me if I was ok. ITS AMAZING!!! I am now truly obsessed with Sass & Bide's 2012 Spring Summer Collection. (I will be doing loads more posts on the line coming up over the next few months)

Philip Armstrong Dress, Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes, MCL Earrings and Dolce and Gabbana Bangles
I love the colour.....that's about it really. Not sure of this shape of Kelly at all. She looks like a goddess in the maxi styles but just don't love the "Irish Dancing Style" of this dress or the Atelier Versache dress in Week 1 (Seen Here)

 Week 8:
Saturday: Georges Chakra Dress, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Lorraine Schwartz Earrings, Asprey Rings and Georg Jensen Bangles
Not a massive fan of this either. I would have preferred it without the unnecessary white ruffle on the shoulder.

Sunday:Hugo Boss Dress, Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes, Lorraine Schwartz Earrings and Bangles and Asprey Rings
I really love this dress, very ethereal, Grecian and very beautiful however I think had it been accessorized more in line with the style of the dress, I think it could have been breathtaking. A simple gold strappy Jimmy Choo instead of the blue Giuseppe Zanottis would have done the trick.
Week 9:
Saturday: Osman Dress, Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes and Georg Jensen Jewellery
Love this. It rocks. I am getting more into the cut outs on the waists of dresses and seriously with washboard abs like hers, why not rock the cuts. Love the monochrome with the harsher shapes and angles of the slits and the shoulders teamed with the straight fringe and the poker straight hair. Perfect

Jenny Packham Dress, Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes and MCL Jewellery
My Sweet Divine. PERFECTION in every way. If only every dress looked like this and every person to wear a dress looked this good.

Kelly Rowland has truly put herself into Style Icon status this series for me. As ya'll know Queen B has rocked it for a long time, in my opinion, but now Kelly has thrust herself in to my Style Star Rankings. Props to her and her stylist, who is, by the looks of things, Fantastic.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Honourable Mention

For this Week's Honourable Mention I have chosen the Stunning Eva Longoria. The Actress was pictured attending the Noble Gift Gala at the Dorchester in London last Saturday night, where she and Jermaine Jackson presented Mariah Carey with an award for her Humanitarian and Charity work and all proceeds for the event went to Eva's Charity, "The Eva Longoria Fund" which aims to provide aid to disadvantaged kids with health problems and the Latino Community.

 Wearing a beautiful and simple, fuchsia, J Mendel Dress with a plunging neckline an open back running into a slight train on the back, the beautiful Eva shone. Accessorizing with a fab Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch and Brian Atwood Pumps she definitely looked the part to chair the Gala.

Keeping her makeup simple with a lined lip and her signature Lashings of Lashes with a messy updo, Eva truly looked beautiful.
Did you rate this look? I am totally in love with this colour!

Sunday 11 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Work Party

I have decided to do this Christmas Outfit Series running over the next two weeks for a few reasons,
(A) I always work out in advance what I want to wear and have it completely styled in my head. If a can't get a certain piece for the outfit, the whole idea gets scrapped and I start again.

(B) In a way it's a type of Wishlist/Christmas list for myself which I make referrals too and also like to tick things off as I purchase or secure the different pieces. This Christmas list/Wishlist starts for me at the end of the summer, which to me is either after My Birthday or after my Foreign Holiday, whichever comes last. My lists comprise of Family Christmas Presents, My Christmas Wishlist and finally my Christmas Outfit List.

(C) The final reason why I have done this list is, I get paid once before Christmas, thus meaning one pay check with which to purchase all needed. I have to work out what I want, What it's going to cost and which items I can mix and match throughout the Christmas period to give myself less stress and to also spend less. I always like to buy pieces that I can use alot. For example If I buy a statement piece which is expensive, I have to be able to wear it with a number of things in order to justify the cost.
Okay so alot to take it, all my crazy ramblings in my head now down in print, so to the outfit.

Work Christmas Party

This is what I have in my head for my Work Christmas party.
Blazer, Shorts, Top, Earrings and Ring - River Island
I love this Blazer so much. Black, check, a little PU, check and versatile, definitely. The shorts okay a bright colour, not something that will go with everything but hey sometimes you have to go where the heart desires. They aren't ridiculously expensive so I can justify the spend. I can see these also being worn on Summer Holidays next year and also for Summer nights out with a nice bright white top. And just look at that top, the sequins on the racer back make it a statement however from the front it looks like a simple dark grey/navy silk vest. Versatile, of course!
Shoes - Steve Madden
A blue shoe, well it's kind of a MUST HAVE, not quite, but almost. To justify I will be buying the shoe from Penneys, I saw a pair on Thursday for 10 Euro.
Bangles - "Bellerina" at The Ivory Closet.
For this I don't need an excuse, "Just Because" is sufficient enough.
Big lashes and a sparkly smokey eye (Dazzle Dust by Barry M), all because it's Christmas. This is what I imagine for the night. Whether it works out like this or not is yet to be seen, I will do a post next week on what I end up wearing. My next Outfit in my Christmas Series is one for your Girl's Night out, because everyone goes out with their girlfriends before Christmas. Stay tuned for that which I will post on Wednesday next week.
So what will you be wearing for your Work Christmas Party? How do you justify your splurges?

Saturday 10 December 2011

A Quick Catch Up ~ Rihanna!!!

I went to the Rihanna concert at the beginning of October with friends. The ticket was my Christmas present last year from my wonderful husband. Now, to say that this woman is Fierce is an understatement. SO BEYOND AMAZING. I love her music. Her album Loud is one of my favourite albums ever. I feel it's completely versatile and has something for everyone. I don't think there is anything about her that I do not love. If you've touched down on my blog before you may have already realised this fact. On top of her music she is definitely one of my Style stars too. From her street style to red carpet style to her stage outfits. I love it all.

I took so many photos and videos on the night it was next to impossible to edit them down so i have picked some of the best photos to showcase this girls fabulousness.

The concert was Amazing. I cannot even describe quite how good she was. The best concert I have ever been to, and I have been to alot of concerts. She sang all her hits and sang mash ups to her collaborations. She literally had ever person, in the sold out arena, singing along with her.

I was on such a high after the concert and did not want it to end. I would have quite happily gone back and done it all again the next evening and every evening for a week. I wish I had bought tickets to go see her again when she returned for her second night on the 25 of November.

Rihanna I salute you. Two words ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!

Was anyone else at this concert in Dublin? Do ya'll love Rihanna as much as me?

Wednesday 7 December 2011

For the Final Touches

For any of you who have read my About Me Page
 you will have seen that I am a nail technician and makeup artist. I don't post much about my work however I do want to change that and giving my last Catch Up Post featured my last big makeup job I definitely want to go more into detail about what I do. I love doing nails and makeup. Transforming somebody by adding those final little touches such as a fabulous pair of lashes added to a smokey eye or giving those talons a little added prettiness. I won't be going into tutorials or Nail and Face of the Day posts but every so often I will post something that I have done.

So now for the exciting part... (Well For the little bit of information that excites me, that is!)

The product that I use for Gel Polish has just released a holiday collection... Razzle Dazzle
A perfect selection of 6 gorgeous sparkly colours just in time for Christmas. Whether it's for your work Christmas party, the day itself or for the big night that is, New Years Eve, this selection is exactly what every girl I know, will drool over. I'm so excited to add these to my kit and get started on beautifying all my clients nails with a Christmas Twist.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Rihanna For Armani

Two words that I am happy to hear in a sentence together! The Oh So Fabulous Rihanna has thrown her talents towards designing with the fashion legend that is the House of Giorgio Armani. Following the gorgeous yet provocative collaboration between Rihanna and Armani for their underwear ads,
the singer has now teamed up the the label to launch a capsule collection, which is now available for purchase.

The Collection showcases Rihanna's current grungy rocker chic style with black leather, white tees and the signature element of Rihanna's scarf effect belt. I love the few pieces that make up this collection. The leather jacket is perfection. The lacy bra is everything that a lacy bra is supposed to be, sexy, sheer and a little on the naughty side. Loving the shade of purple too. And those tshirts, j'Adore.


I love, love, love this tshirt with the print of her face. It's so sexy and it's not shouting Rihanna is the same way that a tour tshirt would, for example. It's artistic and bang on trend with the leopard print element. You can show you're love for the star while remaining chic and keeping your cuteness and dignity intact. Check out the Armani Website for more details.
Is Rihanna's overtly sexy style something which you like? Does this line interest you?

Monday 5 December 2011

Santa Baby

Now that it's officially the run up to Christmas, ie. I've seen the Coca Cola Christmas Ad, it's now time to make my Christmas List.
Christmas List

1. MAC Powder Blush in Sunbasque (just ran out, need more)
2. Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay (I have the original and I die for it, I think I might just love this one even more)
3. YSL Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion (Love the colour and obsessed with this packaging)
4. Nars Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey ( About to run out of my favourite lipstick and I need it replaced before that happens.
5. A Sewing Machine (I really want to get started making all things I've been talking about for ages. I need to bring my ideas to life)
6. A holiday to the Greek Islands ( Maybe a little much for a stocking filler but hey, I can dream, right?)
7. House of Harlow 1960 Textured Cutout Cuff (I NEED THIS)
8. Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Booties (OBSESSED, see here)
9. House of Harlow 1960 Tilda Antique Studded Clutch in Cognac10. The iPhone 4 (I really, really deserve a new phone)
11. Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Bag (TO DIE)
12. These 4 gorgeous pieces from the Spring Summer 2012 Mara Hoffman Collection (I'd take the entire collection if someone was offering, UNREAL)

In an ideal world of course my stocking will be stuffed with these babies on Christmas Morning. That probably won't be happening but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Thursday 1 December 2011

Honorable Mention

For this week's Honourable Mention I have chosen Nicki Minaj. Now I know what you're thinking.... It's Nicki Minaj and she dresses like a fair ground ride dipped in Sprinkles and Teddy Bears, WELL... Last Week at the 2011 American Music Awards in
she rocked a look that screamed fashion forward and fabulously grand.
 She wore this stunning Oscar de la Renta gown and Alexander McQueen shoes. The jewel toned green shade contrasting against the black lace is truly beautiful. The ruching on the front of the dress, detailing the on trend "Mullet" or asymmetrical hem is perfect and what looks like a teffeta silk is pure indulgence. I love everything about this dress, truly.
 Of course Nicki wouldn't be Nicki Minaj without pulling out the stops somehow and she stayed true to her signature style with her pink wig and bubblegum pink lips, which although not my style, it works for her.
I love this look from Nicki and I really hope that she pulls some more looks like this out of her closet as it really does her justice and shows that although she has a personality through dress, she can also tone it done in her own way.

What did you think of this look? Would you like to see Nicki Minaj toned down a little more often?