Saturday 26 November 2011

A Quick Catch Up ~ September

My September was pretty much dedicated to my best friend and her wedding. The hen party took place in Belfast on the first weekend of the month and her wedding was on the 30th. The rest of the month for me was spent either recovering from the hen party or preparing for the wedding itself. I was a bridesmaid and also the beautician for the day. I did the makeup for the 3 other bridesmaids and the bride herself. I also did the tan and the nails. Busy Busy. Anyway I will go into further details on the Wedding in a special Wedding post next week in which I will show you some of the professional pictures taken on the day.
So here is my month of September in picture form.


We all headed off to Belfast for a weekend of eating, drinking, pampering and partying. We headed to a few bars, none of which I can remember the name of. Drank alot of cocktails. Ate the most amazing dinner at TGI Fridays and had a fabulous morning of Massages and Facials and cured our hangovers in a fabulous Jacuzzi.

As per usual I took loads of photos of Amina through the month but this one had to be shared. How Amazing is she, seriously?
Before heading home for the wedding preparation another friend and I took our girls to a great little city farm in Dundrum for a day out. We checked out the amazing pot bellied pig, the cows and calves and the Shetland ponies.

As the dutiful bridesmaid I tried to do everything I could to take pressure off my girl before her wedding, so I moved in for the week running up to the wedding. Our girls had a great week together playing and dressing up together.

The Stunning Bride and her new Husband on the day of their Wedding. She looked radiant and we all had a fantastic day.

So did you do anything exciting in September?

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