Saturday 5 November 2011

A Quick Catch Up ~ August

Because I missed so much by not blogging I have so much to catch up on. Like I said on my To Smile post back in July I bought a new camera and I have been trying very hard to upgrade my calibre of photos and to also simply take more. In August I had quite an eventful month, between my birthday,a trip back home to my holiday of this year. A long weekend with my gorgeous sisters in the Amazing Barcelona. I will do a separate Barcelona Holiday post as there was so much packed in to the four days. So in photo form this is my catch up for the month of August. These are the photos which would have gone into my To Smile posts over the time I was on a blogging break.

A Manicure with the new 2 Week Manicure Colours I had added to my kit. The colours were perfect for an old dress I had. I then bought some fabulous jewellery from "Bellerina" at The Ivory Closet to wear with the dress too. See here to see more Sparklies from The Ivory Closet (As Amina calls them) New Jewels for an old dress.

I have talked before about my Aunt's Allotment, here are some pictures I took while I was looking after my cousins. The allotment was awash with colour during the summer with all the various beautiful flowers on show. My cousins spent so much of their summer hanging out in the allotments, playing games, making potions and their own perfumes. It's lovely to see the kids playing outside instead of being stuck in on computers or watching t.v.

While minding my cousins we went to look at a display of Quilts made by the Quilting Association of Ireland. I love this craft and I can't wait to get my sewing machine to get stuck into it myself. I have so many ideas, mostly for Amina's bedroom. The quilts that were on display were amazing. The technical ability required to finish such intricate pieces is only something I can aspire to have.

We hung out alot at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin getting the most out of the warmer and drier days which were so far and few between. These gardens in the heart of dublin are such a serene escape from the everyday hustle and bustle that city life brings.

I celebrated my birthday in style. A picnic on the floor of my sitting room with my mum, my aunt, 3 out of the 4 sisters and Amina. You don't get much better than that.

My friend and I decided to take out girls for a trip to the woods in the Dublin Mountains in search of fairies. We didn't find any fairies but we have a lovely day out in the fresh air and magical surroundings.

And lastly for August I perfected my home made hummus recipe and even started combining different flavours to switch it up a little. I have turned into a hummus addict, literally. Made with the juice of lemons and some creamy Greek yogurt along with the necessary chick peas and tahini paste, it has now become my staple food. I will put up the recipe soon on a Sunday Sample once I get back to my regular postings.

I will continue with my catch up posts next week in the place of my To Smile posts. Next week I will concentrate on my fabulous weekend away to Barcelona with my sisters.
So what have you all been up to? Did ya'll have a lovely summer?

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