Nibbles and treats

Nibbles and Treats is my selection of much loved and repeatedly made dishes. I love to cook, always have. It's something that my mother made sure all of us had the ability to do as we were growing up. Everyone in my family are foodies, love to cook, love to eat. Love to try new things. We have always been fairly adventurous in terms of food and have always been into trying out new recipes from all over the world. My nibbles and treats are tried and tested methods for cooking. I am feeding a child also so that means the majority of my recipes are either child friendly or can be adapted to suit a small child.

I would like to point out that I am not a cook and not everything I do try works out, however I do persist until I figure out what exactly tastes good. None of my dishes are hard to cook, contain food that is readily available and the majority will contain fresh ingredients. Something my mum was always adamant about was healthy eating and fresh produce. I hope you like anything that I will put up in this section. Look out on Sundays as this will generally be the day I will put up a Tasty Treat.

Buttermilk Scones
Chicken Fahjitas

Raspberry Cupcakes

Spicy Gambas Prawns

Crumpets with Fresh Fruit and Yogurt