Friday 6 April 2012


For this week's LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE I am going with the UNBELIEVABLE Dita Legends Sunglasses. Adored by the celebrities the brand uses Solid Gold Frames for some of their designs. Complete luxury. The Selection of Sunglasses that Dita has is beyond AMAZING and yes I would take them all but the Supa Dupa are my pair of choice (for this week anyway). I love my sunglasses and these would make a fabulous addition to my collection. Of all on offer these are one of the less expensive pairs with the cost of some running into the E750 range so at least my dream choices are affordable if I save for a year or so..
I've had my eye on these for quite a few years now and I feel that the obsession is fully forged within my soul as my lust has grown instead of disappearing. I Love, I Want, I Need, I Have To Have!

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