Tuesday 16 August 2011

Acessorize 70's Style

This trend is all about Hats, the Chelsea Boots, loafers and Platforms. Fabulous jewellery with feathers, dream catchers and the gorgeous mix of silver and turquoise. Things like fringing, suede and leathers are HUGE!! Lots of fur trims and ladies make faux is fabulous. Friendship bracelets have made a comeback and join agave stones and leaf designs. I used to make alot of jewellery like friendship bracelets and different things with seed beads when I was younger. Two Canadian girls moved to my small little town and brought all the great beads with them. While I was in my home town recently I went into the attic to see what still remained and I found what was left of my bead collection. Then while babysitting my uncles kids a couple of weeks later I came across a book of friendship bracelet designs which sparked off the interest again. Since then I have been making little bits at home for my trip this week. I'll put up photos soon of my creations.
Anyway here are my picks of the Accessories on the highstreet.

Boots and Shoes:
All Available from River Island

All River Island
All Topshop
                      Aldo at Asos                                                Asos

                       River Island                                                                                            Asos

                                   Topshop                                                                                            Asos

                                                                     Topshop                                                                                          River Island

             Topshop                                                                                       River Island

River Island

                                  River Island                                                                                        Asos

                                        Asos                                                    River Island

I have included all the usual pieces here for jewellery and accessories but something interesting and a little different that has emerged for this 70s trend is the ear cuff. It's really boho, hippyish and uber cute.

I'm absolutely loving those headpieces. I love the look of long flowing beach hair with the some feathers peeking out and the "boho tiara", so cute. What do you think of the 70's Trend Accessories? Is the Ear Cuff something you reckon you could rock?

70's Highstreet Style

With the 70's trend there are definitely pieces that standout. The MUST HAVES to get yourself 70's ready are the Flare, A maxi skirt or 3, some palazzo trousers with cute blouses tucked in. The Kimono is a staple piece for any 70's wardrobe along with a palazzo style jumpsuit. Everything is in muted 70s colours such as Maroon, Navy, Mustard, Hunter Green and the nude shades such as beigh and taupe with a splash of orange here and there. Fabrics are Denim, cord and suede with floaty fabrics pulling the look together. I love River Island's selection of 70's inspired pieces which mix all the best areas of the trend into one fantastic collection. They even have their Chelsea Girl section which is inspired by 60's and 70's style English fashion. Ok so I am bias, I adore River Island, slightly obsessed you might say but the clothes that are available are of such good quality and alot of the pieces are reminiscent of true high fashion. It has been said that their upcoming Autumn Winter Advertising is reminiscent of a Chloe campaign and it wasn't me that said that ;) Anyway here are my highstreet picks for the trend

The Flare:
All Asos
All River Island
Both Zara

The Trousers:
All Trousers Available from River Island

The Shorts:
                                           River Island                                                           Topshop                                             Asos

The Skirts:
All River Island

The Blouse:
All River Island

The other Tops:
             Asos                           Miss Selfridge                       Topshop                                             River Island

The Cover Up:
All River Island
All Topshop
                                     Asos                                                 River Island                                         Miss Selfridge

The Dress:
All River Island
Asos                                                                                            Topshop
                                      Rare At Topshop                                                                                      Asos

Jumpsuits and playsuits:
                    Asos                                                                                              River Island

The Coats:
                                River Island                                              Asos                                                 Miss Selfridge
As I said above the selection of 70's style fashion on the highstreet is pretty good but River Island really does seem to be a one stop shop for this trend. I know I'll be in there very soon spending my birthday vouchers stocking up for the Autumn with fabulous 70's pieces to join the few bits I've already got. I can't wait. So what did you think of my picks for this style? Are you loving River Island this season as much as I am?Stay tuned for Accessorize the 70's a fabulous selection of accessories for this Spring Summer Trend which is carrying us right into this upcoming season.

Monday 15 August 2011


Big Glasses. Need I say any more. A fashionista staple piece. An item that every girl should have in their collection. Some are never seen without them, some rock them to hold back a bad hair day. Hater Blockers or Paparazzi Shields or even just a cover up for not wearing any makeup. I have to admit I am obsessed with big sunglasses. I wear them everywhere even during the winter. I'm not crazy, the light hurts my eyes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. When it comes to the style stars it doesn't matter whether the go aviator or square, tortoiseshell, black or white, as long as the frame is big then it's all good.

 If there is any style stars that I could replicate their collections it's the Kardashians. I swear you rarely see these girls in the same glasses more than once. An impressive collection of every brand under the sun and all of which absolutely fabulous.

 Or Nicole Richie, a self confessed sunglasses buff. She told Teen Vogue that she owns has 200 pairs and is the proud owner of every pair of House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses she ever designed. Jealous much?

I am of the opinion that you should invest in at least one pair of really good sunglasses. I have a gorgeous pair of Chanels that I bought years ago and when my daughter was about 5 months old she knocked them off my head onto the kitchen tiles. I shed a tear I have to admit. I also own a gorgeous pair of Ralph Lauren Aviators which I adore. Making up the rest of my collection are an Accessorize large rimmed pair which I got for 7 euro in the sale last year and some River Island and H&M pairs. And I will say this now I way prefer the designer ones, not just because they're designer but because the fit, the don't slide off my nose or head and they don't pinch behind my ears. I really believe that sunglasses are an investment and if looked after well will stand the test of time.
So here are my picks of the sunglasses on offer.


             E15.38                                   Both Asos                           E19.23
Both Asos    E15.38
Both River Island    £12.99

       Gianfranco Ferre E117.94                         Vivienne Westwood E128.20
Both House of Harlow 1960 $125
       Marc by Marc Jacobs E160.25                     Roberto Cavalli E160.25

Some Day:
     Alexander McQueen E242.30                                D&G E271.78
                   Chanel E205                                           Tom Ford E352.55
                   Balenciaga $345                                 Victoria Beckham $470
 Do you die for those Amazing Balenciagas. I swear if ever a scratch card went my way some of these would be my first port of call. Check out Asos for a fab selection of both highstreet and high end sunglasses. Alot of what I've shown here can be purchased from Asos. The Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga and Chanel and aren't on Asos and generally have to be bought in store or places like Brown Thomas. You have to be very careful buying online for fear of copycats for these particular brands. House of Harlow 1960 can be bought from Singer 22.