Monday 8 August 2011

The Unveiling

Today is a day that I have been waiting for for quite a while. The sneak peak of the Kardashian Kollection for Sears. I logged on to the website as soon as I got up today and there are the few sneak peak pieces in the 72 hour presale at 30% off their ultimate price. I have to admit I am not overwhelmed. Unfortunately. I was expecting a little bit more to be honest. But then again, it is a presale and it's not the whole collection.




Here are some of the pieces available right now. The jumpsuit is cute and is nice for Autumn Winter as is the striped dress which is very club but, I think it's something I would wear. The other dress is a great work/office look. I do love the black sequin jacket, I think its a piece that could be very versatile and is a great statement piece for the holiday season. I also love the idea of the long line bralette/bustier. It's cute but they don't carry my size. Like the bag, don't love it and the ring is a little cheap looking. Like something that could be bought in Penneys for E3. The other jewellery available right now is in the shape of the hexagon that adorns alot of the pieces from Kim's jewellery line Belle Noel but looks like a cheaper dare I say it, slightly tackier version. Again like what's on offer, don't love it and I don't think I'd be spending my rent money on it, which is what I thought I'd be wanting to do. I am still looking forward to what else they have on offer so fingers crossed it's more amazing than these pieces. I have to say though the price range is affordable which is good so for those of you who do love it the pieces, especially with the 30% presale discount, won't break you if you go ahead to buy.

What I was surprised about today was an email from Shoedazzle Uk saying I could now proceed to insert my details to be styled. I have loved this idea ever since I heard of it being released in America. I constantly emailed the US version asking when they were coming over this side of the pond. Well they are here and I can now order.

So I am, according to their stylists youthful Femme flirtatious... OK! My designer matches were Versache, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Not really, giving in the designer section I specifically chose Chloe over McQueen and Burberry and Stella McCartney over Reiss and D&G but anyway I'll take it. Signature Colours are pink, black and purple, yeah kind of. Love those colours but tend to go towards more muted tones most of the time but again I'll take it. Preferred Patterns are oversized prints, geometric and beaded fabrics, again OK, I'll take it. So they took a moment and I put in a password and then they revealed some stylist's picks..

Not really anything that I would pick, personally. I like the first pair, the purple strappy and python piece heels and the jewellery is cute but other than that I don't think I would purchase. The good thing about Shoedazzle is that you can change your picks if you don't like them. For £39.95 a month a pair of shoes arriving to your door and 20% off your first order, AMAZING but they would have to be something that I would wear. Now the cream and taupe pumps with the gold studs on the toe in the picture with Kim, yeah those I want and those I would wear. The site says that they are creating my personal showroom and it will be ready within the next 24 hours. I'm excited! Go to the Shoedazzle website if you are interested.

What do ya'll think? Did you have a look at the Sears Kollection? Is Shoedazzle something that Dazzles you?


  1. the purple shoes would look KILLER with the right outfit! :D :)

  2. Absolutely. Love that deep purple. They are my favourites of the shoe selection above. xx