Monday 27 February 2012

The Oscar Red Carpet

As I missed the other Red Carpets of the Award Season due to a tempermental computer, I wanted to make sure that I got THE most important Red Carpet, The Oscars. As always, I was up watching the E! Red Carpet coverage as it unfolded. Ryan Seacrest being covered in Bisquick and everything. So here are my Best Dressed
My Best dressed of the night, Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad. Wowza. She's is absolutely flawless.
I am slightly unsure of whether I prefer Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen or Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab Couture. Such completely different dresses worn by completely different women but equally so gorgeous. And who could not love George Clooney's "personal Oscar", Stacy Keibler in Marchesa. The colour of this dress with her skin tone and hair looked like spun gold. Truly fabulous. If it wasn't for the flower on the hip, this would have been my number 1.
Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton was stunning. Not so sure about the pink clutch with the coral dress though. Gwenelth Paltrow in a stunning structured Tom Ford and then Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji
I also thought that Melissa McCarthy, Maria Menunous, Viola Davis looked stunning.
And Giuliana Rancic even though she was there to report she definitely deserves an Honourable Mention, Wow! Did she bring her A Game or what?!. The best I have ever seen her look, I would love to see a few more lbs on her though.
So there you have it. My Top 10 and an Honourable Mention.
Who were your Top 10? Anywhere along the lines of mine?

Sunday 26 February 2012

A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes

A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes ~ Cinderella

My Little girl asked me the other day what a dream was. This is the first answer that came to my mind. I couldn't explain it any other way to a 3 year old that would have made sense to her. To me however, a dream is slightly more complex. I was searching through my blog roll today and as always came upon Spell and the Gypsy. I have previously posted about this blog and I am sure that I will do so again. I am so inspired by this blog and this post is no different. The picture immediately caught my eye and brought my daughter's question straight back into my mind.
I consider myself a dreamer. I always have been. Dreaming of how I think life should be, dreaming of the future, dreaming of when things may be a little better. I feel like sometimes my mind doesn't make sense and that my living in my dreams and in the future is disrupting my present. Not living for the moment, the day and all that. This picture on Spell and the Gypsy spoke right to my dreams. The feeling of freedom. The peace of mind. That deep breath that I take when I see a picture that speaks to me like this. I can't really explain it, what it really is. A dream for things to be like it is in this picture. Organic (not in the food sense), free, easy, to know who you are in life and where you're going, not just having an idea of where you want to end up. I worry sometimes that I am lost. I don't know who "I" am anymore. That I've lost my path and I am unsure of how to find it again. I need to live more for today, take it an run with it and stop searching for some ideal that I dream will finally make me happy....

Friday 24 February 2012


For any of you who have read my blog before, on a Friday I like to post my lust worthy item of the week. I call it my LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE. Everybody sees things every day that they like/love but unfortunately sometimes are unable to buy them. Obsessions grow (well for me anyway) and those items lusted after turn into a situation of HAVE TO HAVE! Sometimes we may be able to purchase those items (such as these) as they are within our reach, price wise or they may be within a local store, other times we may have to settle on a highstreet piece inspired by our loved item (see here and here)and for those other unfortuate occassions they may always have to remain a loved and lost item (I literally shed a tear) or something we will continue to Love and Want (like this).
This week I am seriously lusting after these Steve Madden ankle booties available from Endless.
Steve Madden ankle booties

I am so seriously in love with these booties. They are so perfect for the transition into Summer and even through the Summer in Ireland, as we all know Ireland doesn't really do Summer, not in the typical sense anyway. The perfect mix between Moccasin and a bootie. The subtle addition of the Aztec print on the turn down. These will be added to my wardrobe very soon and will be a very much loved pair of shoes, I promise. These will also be appearing in outfit posts over the next couple of months so stay tuned to see if you appreciate how I style them. 
Do you like these booties? What are you Loving this week? Anything you HAVE TO HAVE?

Thursday 23 February 2012

Steal Her Style

Following yesterday's post Return of the Tims I was so inspired by my deep rooted love of Timberlands that I decided to do a steal her style. Obviously Rihanna's outift was a stage outfit for a live performance so there was an element of dramatic effect so my outfit is a slightly more wearable and everyday outfit which will suit the streets of Dublin a little better, sans the paint splatters. Check it out,
Rihanna Brits Performance Steal Her Style

Jumper - Topshop
Shorts - Forever 21
Boots - Timerland
Necklace and Hand Harness - Asos
All other Jewellery - River Island

Would you wear this outfit? Do you love the layering of gold jewellery as much as I do?

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Return of the Tims

Like many others I was curled up on my couch last night watching the Brits. For one I love to watch music awards shows and the Grammy's for some reason have still yet to be shown on the pathetic channels that I possess, secondly I love live music especially when the likes of Adele is singing and getting interviewed. Her voice is amazing and she seems like she has the most amazing sense of humour (the finger gesture aimed at the suits). And thirdly anything and I mean anything the Rihanna is a part of I feel like if I miss it I will miss something important. As you know my obsession for Rihanna is a strong one.

So last night watching Rihanna's Brit performance I was instantly drawn to her outfit, naturally. A scruffy sweatshirt, some white denim hot pants and Timberlands.
Not something you would usually find attractive or sexy but to me, I loved it. I used to own a pair of Timberlands and literally wore them to death. I think there is something very sexy about a non typically attractive outfit and clunky pair of shoes. One of the reasons "The Boyfriend Trend" or Masculine Tailoring has become so standard in fashion these days. A tight white t, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a pair of high tops for example. For a few years now converse and vans have featured heavily in the wardrobes of so many, me for one and also those of my sisters. Store Collections have grown and different styles have been added and nowadays I don't know many people who don't own at least one pair of cons or vans. I have definietly noticed more of this trend emerging with high tops sneakers returning to the high street and celebrities rocking the sportswear high top with an everyday outfit. It's like a merging of Urban Sports/Utility with the boyfriend trend and tailoring.
Rochelle Wiseman rocked the trend last year wearing this gorgeous orange Zara Blazer with skinnies and these Nike High Tops.
I loved it when I saw the picture and I still love it now. This outfit is my style and definitely something I would rock. It's a perfect Summer in Ireland outfit. So in honour of Rihanna's return to the Tims I have picked a few pairs of shoes that are on my radar to rock this summer.
First Row both available from Asos: Converse on left, Nike on Right
Second Row both available from River Island
Third Row: Left Converse Exclusive to Office, Right Aldo
I also have my eye on a fab pair of converse from Foot Locker which are grey and purple with a Aztec print fold down but unfortunately I couldn't find them online.
And of Course not forgetting what this whole post is inspired by the Timberland Boot
Timberlands are available from various different outlets such as Asos, Office, Schuh and of course any Timberland stores.

What do you think of this emerging trend? A keeper for you or not?

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Honourable Mention

I've been a little MIA lately due to the charger on our laptop deciding it had had enough. I was really annoyed about it as it happened the day after i'd started preparing my Golden Globes post which meant not only was I unable to edit the post but i was also unable to post it. I missed the moment and the moments after for posting my dress favourites for the SAG awards and also the Grammys. In order to get back into the regular posting here is my Tuesday post of my Honourable Mention of the week, none other than the unnaurally beautiful Rihanna.

 Rihanna is in London for the Brits and took time out to attend Stella McCartney's showcasing for her Autumn Winter Evening Wear 2012 Collection during London Fashion Week. Wearing a stunning Emerald Green silk dress with open back and thigh high split, Rihanna in my opinion blew everyone out of the water.
Acessorising this fabulous Stella McCartney creation with simple gold jewelery layered on in such a sexy tantilising way, Rihanna looks awesome. She wears what looks like four different neck pieces, a collar of simple gold under an open at the front, neck cuff combined with a thinner chain and cross pendant along with what seems to be at the moment, a signature piece for the red carpet, her body chain, which you can also see on her back. I absolutely love this piece. She wore it previously at the Grammys in her Georgio Armani Collaboration dress. I have also seen Beyonce in the past wearing a similar piece. Sheer perfection. Along with the necklaces Rihanna layered up the simple gold rings on her fingers aswell as a thin banded finger tip ring, which again I love. Finishing her decked out fingers with some simple gold bangles, it is very clear to be seen that not only is Rihanna the Queen of accessorizing but she has a truly lust worthy jewelery collection as alot of the pieces she wears regularly. The dress is complemented so well with Rihanna's amazing legs pointed in a sexy pair of strappy gold sandals.
With Simple makeup, a nude lip and gold shimmery eyes Rihanna truly stands out as a Major style star. Her latest hair colour, sleek and her stiletto nails in true gold shimmer all finish this look perfectly. I wouldn't have worn it any differently and I acutally couldn't pick holes in this look even if I tried.
 Pushing the boundaries regularly is something that not only gets Rihanna her headlines but she is seriously good at it. I love that she can change up her grungy day style with fishnets and suspenders and then give a double whammy performance with such a sexy, sophisticated and beyond gorgeous dress for her red carpet style. Bang On!!!