Wednesday 22 February 2012

Return of the Tims

Like many others I was curled up on my couch last night watching the Brits. For one I love to watch music awards shows and the Grammy's for some reason have still yet to be shown on the pathetic channels that I possess, secondly I love live music especially when the likes of Adele is singing and getting interviewed. Her voice is amazing and she seems like she has the most amazing sense of humour (the finger gesture aimed at the suits). And thirdly anything and I mean anything the Rihanna is a part of I feel like if I miss it I will miss something important. As you know my obsession for Rihanna is a strong one.

So last night watching Rihanna's Brit performance I was instantly drawn to her outfit, naturally. A scruffy sweatshirt, some white denim hot pants and Timberlands.
Not something you would usually find attractive or sexy but to me, I loved it. I used to own a pair of Timberlands and literally wore them to death. I think there is something very sexy about a non typically attractive outfit and clunky pair of shoes. One of the reasons "The Boyfriend Trend" or Masculine Tailoring has become so standard in fashion these days. A tight white t, a pair of boyfriend jeans and a pair of high tops for example. For a few years now converse and vans have featured heavily in the wardrobes of so many, me for one and also those of my sisters. Store Collections have grown and different styles have been added and nowadays I don't know many people who don't own at least one pair of cons or vans. I have definietly noticed more of this trend emerging with high tops sneakers returning to the high street and celebrities rocking the sportswear high top with an everyday outfit. It's like a merging of Urban Sports/Utility with the boyfriend trend and tailoring.
Rochelle Wiseman rocked the trend last year wearing this gorgeous orange Zara Blazer with skinnies and these Nike High Tops.
I loved it when I saw the picture and I still love it now. This outfit is my style and definitely something I would rock. It's a perfect Summer in Ireland outfit. So in honour of Rihanna's return to the Tims I have picked a few pairs of shoes that are on my radar to rock this summer.
First Row both available from Asos: Converse on left, Nike on Right
Second Row both available from River Island
Third Row: Left Converse Exclusive to Office, Right Aldo
I also have my eye on a fab pair of converse from Foot Locker which are grey and purple with a Aztec print fold down but unfortunately I couldn't find them online.
And of Course not forgetting what this whole post is inspired by the Timberland Boot
Timberlands are available from various different outlets such as Asos, Office, Schuh and of course any Timberland stores.

What do you think of this emerging trend? A keeper for you or not?

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