Friday 24 February 2012


For any of you who have read my blog before, on a Friday I like to post my lust worthy item of the week. I call it my LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE. Everybody sees things every day that they like/love but unfortunately sometimes are unable to buy them. Obsessions grow (well for me anyway) and those items lusted after turn into a situation of HAVE TO HAVE! Sometimes we may be able to purchase those items (such as these) as they are within our reach, price wise or they may be within a local store, other times we may have to settle on a highstreet piece inspired by our loved item (see here and here)and for those other unfortuate occassions they may always have to remain a loved and lost item (I literally shed a tear) or something we will continue to Love and Want (like this).
This week I am seriously lusting after these Steve Madden ankle booties available from Endless.
Steve Madden ankle booties

I am so seriously in love with these booties. They are so perfect for the transition into Summer and even through the Summer in Ireland, as we all know Ireland doesn't really do Summer, not in the typical sense anyway. The perfect mix between Moccasin and a bootie. The subtle addition of the Aztec print on the turn down. These will be added to my wardrobe very soon and will be a very much loved pair of shoes, I promise. These will also be appearing in outfit posts over the next couple of months so stay tuned to see if you appreciate how I style them. 
Do you like these booties? What are you Loving this week? Anything you HAVE TO HAVE?

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