Friday 4 November 2011


When it comes to accessories I tend to generally lust after shoes mostly, closely followed by fabulous clutches and to die for handbags but recently I found myself lusting after the functional piece that is the Purse/Wallet. This has alot to do with the fact that I was recently ROBBED! I was shopping for a birthday present for our friend's little boy and once I reached the til I realised my purse had been taken, straight out of my bag. Anyway it was horrible but I guess I'm over it now as I have the excitement of being able to invest in something new and fabulous. So for this week's LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE I am focusing all my attention on the Oh So Fabulous Louis Vuitton Alma Zippy Wallet.

From the Gorgeous Alma Vernis Collection, this wallet is everything you should need. Beautiful, functional and if you're like me and hold you life in your wallet, it has loads of space. I really love it in this shade too, Rouge Fauviste. So pretty, on trend and completely classic. Something that's not going to go out of style next season but can be handed down to my daughter when she gets older.

You know, why not go for the matching bag too. This is my fantasy, right?! I already have a Speedy 30 in the gorgeous Monogrammed Canvas and I love it with all of my heart. I have been wanting to add to my collection for some time and the Vernis Alma has been the style and design I keep going back to. I have my heart set on it and I will have it....One Day.

Has anyone else been lusting after the Vernis Alma?

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