Saturday 12 November 2011


As part of my catch up posts I have decided to dedicate an entire post to my holiday in August. There was just too much to put into the monthly catch up post.
As I talked a little about earlier in the summer my younger sister travelled to Barcelona for the months of July and august to Au Pair for a Spanish Family. Of course being as close as we are my other sister and I couldn't do the whole two months without seeing her so we decided to take a long weekend trip over to Barca to visit.
Here is our trip in picture form

After travelling on the early plane from Ireland we landed in Barcelona just after 9 and the weather was already hot. I was silly enough not to wear the best travelling clothes and after getting the bus and the metro to our hotel I was ready to collapse in the heat. A jumper and jeans were definitely not the best choice. After a quick change we headed to the local park for a refreshing lemon drink. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

After taking a look around the park and availing of the beautiful scenery for some photo opportunities we headed over to the pool at the apartment block where my sister was staying.

 That evening we headed to The Magic Fountain of Montjuic which is an amazing display of colour, light, motion, music and water acrobatics. It was so pretty to watch the lights within the water all in time with the music.

The following day after a morning of chilling out by the pool we went for a look through the old city. All the winding streets and fabulous architecture were so enchanting. And of course surrounded by fabulous company always helps. How beautiful are my sisters, seriously!


On the Sunday we decided to get the metro out to the beach. To say I was in heaven was an understatement. We tanned and swam and basically just chilled out.

So that was it. Of course there were alot more pictures but I didn't want to get over excited with the post. Barcelona is my favourite place in the entire world. If you haven't been there yet I suggest you do something about it. I can't wait to go back there again. My husband and I are even talking about going there next year as he has yet to visit the gorgeous city. Ah I want to be there now!!!

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