Friday 20 April 2012


For my LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE post for this week I have chosen this Oh So Amazing dress from Jen's Pirate Booty. I am totally in holiday mode at the moment when it comes to my choices for Spring Summer as my husband and I have booked our Summer Holiday. Everything I am buying or lusting after has to fit into my holiday wardrobe somehow whether for beach or bar. I have been in love with this label for a couple of years now ever since I saw of piece of theirs on One Tree Hill. Their bohemian aesthetic and wearable styles fit both my personality and style perfectly. I don't think I have seen a piece yet that I don't adore. Worn by all those Bohemian Style Stars the label has gained quite a few followers and has been spotted on everyone from Alessandra Ambrosio to Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, who is a big fan.
The brand is available from many online outlets but this one in particular I found on The Trend Boutique and happens to be on sale at the moment, for $104.99. Always a plus! I am so completely obsessed with this dusky rose colour, it's probably my favourite colour to wear. I am hoping that this will be one of the pieces squeezed into my suitcase (which no doubt will be overflowing) come holiday time.

Thursday 12 April 2012

A Celebration

February was a big month for us this year with plenty of celebrations. My husband received his citizenship and then the following week was not only Valentine's Day but also our 4 year Wedding Anniversary on the 11th. We decided to hit the club in order to dance away our stress, have a couple of drinks and enjoy being with each other. It is not something we do alot, I have to be honest. We don't regularly have babysitters and we both feel like money is so tight that we would rather spend it on something other than alcohol. However the time does come every now and again where we throw caution to the wind, splurge a little and go wild.
I wore this Black River Island playsuit which I borrowed from my sister teamed with a black studded belt which came from a River Island maxi skirt I have. I wore these fab Aldo platforms which I adore. They are so comfortable and so easy to wear.

I wore my go to look of plenty of bronzer and tan with some Ardel lashes over a smokey eye, a nude lip and some gel extensions with white tips and a statement nail inspired by Valentines Day which I will do a post on separately. Unfortunately due to the rush we were in to leave the house I didn't get many pictures and my camera was on the wrong setting so these pictures aren't even that great but I guess, that's they way it goes.
I am sorry this post is only going up now but I literally forgot it was there, ready to go. 

Wednesday 11 April 2012


Having some serious tattoo envy at the moment. I love tattoos and have done all my life. I began planning my first tattoo when I was about 12 which I then got when I was 20. For the last year I have been planning my next tattoo down to the final little details and I hope to get it done very soon, well at least before I go on holidays this year. While planning my second tat I have also planned further down the line and have planned in detail number 3 and have ideas for 4, 5, 6 and 7. Is that crazy, Ha! Anyway during all my tattoo research Ms. Erin Wasson's tattoo style is one that I adore and encompasses pretty much everything I love in a tattoo. Major Tat Envy

Not only is her tattoo style amazing, I am starting to obsess about her style in general. She always looks amazing with her rocker slash bohemian chic style and I am definitely in love with her jewellery line, Low Luv by Erin Wasson which I'm going to be doing a post on soon.
What do you think of Erin Wasson? Are her tattoos to you taste?

Friday 6 April 2012


For this week's LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE I am going with the UNBELIEVABLE Dita Legends Sunglasses. Adored by the celebrities the brand uses Solid Gold Frames for some of their designs. Complete luxury. The Selection of Sunglasses that Dita has is beyond AMAZING and yes I would take them all but the Supa Dupa are my pair of choice (for this week anyway). I love my sunglasses and these would make a fabulous addition to my collection. Of all on offer these are one of the less expensive pairs with the cost of some running into the E750 range so at least my dream choices are affordable if I save for a year or so..
I've had my eye on these for quite a few years now and I feel that the obsession is fully forged within my soul as my lust has grown instead of disappearing. I Love, I Want, I Need, I Have To Have!

Thursday 5 April 2012

Steal Her Style

I was flicking through my usual roll of sites on Sunday when I came across the latest pictures of Rihanna. Having finally gotten rid of the blonde hair and returned to a gorgeous black she decided to post some twitter pictures of her new style. Not only did I notice that her hair is now AMAZING again but the other factor that caught my eye was her top. 
I love it. I have it! And guess what, so can you. Rihanna is wearing River Island. Rihanna was in River Island HQ about a month ago, so i presume she picked it up then. As River Island is my favourite store I know the depth of the love the store has for Rihanna with the large selection of Rihanna tshirts available in store but little did I know she loved River Island back, until now. I love that she's wearing high street and something that all of us can acquire. When I saw that picture of Rihanna in RI HQ the first thoughts that went through my mind were collaboration line. Oh the possibilities. Wouldn't that be just beyond amazing.
Anyway you too can steal Rihanna's style here with this fab River Island Rolling Stones Tank
For £20, eh you can't go wrong.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Fingers Adorned

 I have been having a serious obsession, over, um... maybe the past year, with gold jewelery. It's taken a major comeback in terms of style with celebrities and bloggers everywhere stocking up on lots and lots of gold. From finger adorned with layered rings to the major arm swag displayed by style stars everywhere. I have already touched a little on the subject with various post on my girl, Rihanna and her ever gorgeous collection of gold pieces, which she mixes up from her every day style to her Red Carpet fabulousness. For this post I wanted to show you a few pictures of layered rings that have majorly caught my eye and had me lusting after some serious gold. These are pictures I have come across on Tumblrs and Pinterest some I am unsure of their exact origins.

 I am almost completely obsessed with the double finger rings with the connecting chain and the finger top rings enabling you to double up on the one finger. To die for!!
What do you think about this layering trend? Are you obsessed with gold too?

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Honourable Mention

My Honourable Mention for this week is the gorgeous Miley Cyrus, photographed last week on the Red Carpet at Muhammed Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XIII, where she later performed.
Wearing an absolutely STUNNING, Peach Jenny Packham silk gown with an asymmetrical hem and an open back, the beautiful Miley blew everyone away. Her gorgeous Ombred wavy cropped hair complemented her subtle makeup and simple jewellery. Her nude peep toes only elongating her tanned legs. I have never noticed before how beautiful and blue her eyes are and this whole look with the careful selection of colours just made them pop even more.
 Miley who has been working out alot lately, having been spotted at Pilates regularly, showed off her toned arms and legs in the dress which did everything it possibly could to accentuate the hard work the Miley has so obviously been putting in.
 Miley has really begun coming into her own in the past year and her new more toned body teamed with her drastic hair cut are showing the star's transition into adulthood. I think she looks amazing and I have a feeling that we're going to be seeing alot more of Miley looking this sensational in the future and she will, no doubt, be joining my list of Style Stars.