Thursday 5 April 2012

Steal Her Style

I was flicking through my usual roll of sites on Sunday when I came across the latest pictures of Rihanna. Having finally gotten rid of the blonde hair and returned to a gorgeous black she decided to post some twitter pictures of her new style. Not only did I notice that her hair is now AMAZING again but the other factor that caught my eye was her top. 
I love it. I have it! And guess what, so can you. Rihanna is wearing River Island. Rihanna was in River Island HQ about a month ago, so i presume she picked it up then. As River Island is my favourite store I know the depth of the love the store has for Rihanna with the large selection of Rihanna tshirts available in store but little did I know she loved River Island back, until now. I love that she's wearing high street and something that all of us can acquire. When I saw that picture of Rihanna in RI HQ the first thoughts that went through my mind were collaboration line. Oh the possibilities. Wouldn't that be just beyond amazing.
Anyway you too can steal Rihanna's style here with this fab River Island Rolling Stones Tank
For £20, eh you can't go wrong.


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  2. Thank you so much honey, such a nice thing to say. Mae xx