Wednesday 29 June 2011

All Hail Queen B

I am a true lover of all things fabulous and am on a constant quest to find inspiration from those Fierce Women out there in the World. So I am just going to take a little moment to stop and really appreciate the Woman that is known as Queen B.

Seriously, I love her. I have seen her in concert and have followed her career since the first Destiny's Child Album was released. Her voice to me is the best in the World and her personality and graciousness outshines so many out there. She has been promoting her latest album "4" which I love,

And her first single from the album, Run the World,

and is currently on a press and promo tour following her record breaking headlining act in at the Glastonbury Festival last Sunday. She appeared Tuesday night on Piers Morgan's interview show for CNN, which I watched yesterday and again loved, all ahead of her upcoming trip to Oxygen in two weeks, which I am sickened I can't go to. Anyway I am in such awe and I am so seriously inspired and admire her so much that I wanted to shine the spotlight on her just a little more and do a post on all her seriously amazing promotional images

and magazine features for W magazine

And for Dazed & Confused Magazine.

 The Woman is Amazing. So Fierce and High fashion and truly an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others out there. So I say, all hail Queen B. And check out this HOTTT performance on France's Xfactor Show. WOW!!!

What do ya'll think of B. Are you fans or not so much. For me she is most definitely a major style star and I love to see all the risks she takes through fashion and her individual style to me is unbelievably inspiring.

Birthdays and Bon Vogagez..

The past few weeks have been quite emotional from our family point of view. I said goodbye to two sisters who are off Au Pairing in London and Spain and to my husband who had to fly home to renew his passport. On top of that we had two birthdays, my sister, who's going to Barcelona, 20th and my Grandmother's 70th, so cupcakes had to be made. I made the yummy treats with fresh raspberries picked especially for us by my sister and little cousins from their allotment outside their house. You can see more on the wonders of said allotment over on my other sister's blog, Bluebells and Bunting and I will be doing a Sunday Samples this coming Sunday on my method for these cupcakes.
Anyway due to all these circumstances I have been incredibly busy and not at home and unable to blog. We travelled to West Cork where my Grandparents live, for my Grandmother's birthday. It's possibly the most beautiful place in the world.
I am now in my home town chilling out and trying to keep myself occupied amongst wonderful old friends until my husband returns. Amina is of course missing her Daddy terribly and is quite unsettled so we took a trip to the newly opened Dublin Disney Store before we left, much to Amina's delight. I have to say though, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Amina or myself. Amina has been know as Minnie ever since she was born so it was only fitting that we purchased a few Minnie Mouse dinner table accessories for the little princess.

We are here, at home, until Friday when we will make the journey back to Dublin, Child, Dog and enough luggage to fill two wardrobes, just in time for lots of beauty bookings over the next week, a girls night and within enough time to clean the house before hubby returns and of course to catch up on blogging. Hope ya'll are enjoying your summer, hopefully the weather is better where you are than it is here and have safe travels if you are venturing out.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Lanvin Children's Wear

I've had this post ready for a couple of days and decided to hang on to it until today for a special Father's Day note. My little girl, who is my inspiration for doing this post, has the most wonderful Daddy in the world and she is most definitely her Daddy's little Princess. So from Amina and I, Happy Father's Day Baby, we love you very much.
Anyway, I was scrolling through my usual few websites of fashion, news and all things fabulous and came across this little snippet of information. Lanvin Petite!
Collective Sigh!

The french design house, headed up by Alber Elbaz, is said to be taking inspiration from the Label's founder Jeanne Lanvin and her very close relationship with her daughter.

The collection aimed at 4-10 year olds is made up of 25 pieces, separates, dresses made from washed organza and pleated tulle decorated with all things girly, crystals and ribbons and accessories such as patent, satin finished ballerina pumps with tulle front ruffles and necklaces made using beads, tulle rhinestones and metal. And probably the most exciting part for little girls of this age Elbaz has created the ultimate accessory for the little fashionistas, four rag dolls, dressed in the collection to be your baby's mini me, the proceeds of which will go to the charity, Designing Hope How divine. I know my little angel would absolutely adore a doll dressed just like her, and the chances are this will be the only part of the capsule collection that I will be able to afford. 

The collection which was announced in May and is available from November , is pure luxury, completely relevant to what I have been talking about in my last Trend, Ethereal, and everything every little girls dreams about from a very early age. The princess dress!

I know when my little sister was very young and if you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would say Pocahontas or a Princess and wouldn't settle for anything less. And knowing my little girl she will be undoubtedly on the same track. Everything flouncy and pretty and princess like, she adores.

Shoes she's obsessed (wonder where she got that from) and diamonds or anything sparkly this girl literally goes crazy. This little child was born to wear Lanvin Petite, don't you think? I better start saving now and by the time she turns ten I'll be able to buy her something from this collection, and if all else fails I'll keep my eye out for the Diane Von Furstenburg for Gap set to be launched in March 2012.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Colour Combo Of the Season

So you may have noticed on everyone lately what the hottest colour combo of the season is. Everyone from Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and more have been wearing the Bright Orange and Purple Combination. I have already talked a little about Bold Colours and Colour Blocking in my Trend of the Week and used one of my favourite pieces this season, in the Bold Orange for a ONE X 5. However this colour combination seems to be popping up more frequently over the last few weeks and has definitely been situated as THE Colour Combination of the Season. I have to say I LOVE IT. What more can you want. Bold Orange, a summer MUST HAVE colour on it's own and that jewel toned/Lakers purple. Admittedly it can go unbelievably wrong, Cheryl, Why? And can be a miss, Kim, sorry!

But for those who hit it and do it right.. WOW!!!

I have been searching myself for quite a while for this colour combination on the Highstreet and I'm at a loss. Surely the likes of River Island or Zara who bang out their designer inspired pieces relatively quickly could have brought out a little more to fit into this combination. And Lipsy's attempt is just ever so slightly off.

I would much rather buy one piece, a dress than have to search everywhere to find the right cut for me, in those colours, in two separate pieces. Oh how I despair. Anyway this is what I'm thinking for now, as the couple of other pieces that I did like are already sold out (as is my ONE X 5 Blazer from Zara, which I am so sorry I didn't get when I saw it)
Top River Island, Skirt Asos, Belt Asos, Shoes Carvela

What do you think of this colour combination? Hit or Miss?


For my Ethereal trend, (which I know has dragged out for like 3 weeks, I'm sorry) I have chosen this sheer ballerina style skirt for my ONE X 5. It's pretty, it's ethereal, It's girly and it's so very NOW! You can't walk down the high street without spotting a skirt like this in almost every window display and why not choose this gorgeous one for my post. A sheer skirt is definitely a MUST HAVE for this season ( I should have done it for this Monday's MUST HAVE but didn't get a chance, so next Monday watch out for it). I hope you like what I have come up with. If you want to look at any of my other posts for the Ethereal Trend check Trend for the Week, Who's Wearing It, Highstreet Style, Accessorize It and Spot the Style, for a simple refresh of the memory. :) I promise next week's Trend for the Week (Floral) will actually be done in the course of one week, like they should be.

Miss Selfridge £48

Here are my ONE X 5

Top Miss Selfridge, Shoes Aldo, Clutch River Island,
Cuff House of Harlow @ Shopakira, Headpiece Freepeople

Jacket and Scarf Miss Selfridge, Kaftan and Bag Topshop, Sandals Aldo,
Bracelet Asos

Jacket Miss Selfridge, Top and Earrings Asos,
Bag and Pumps Topshop

Top and Bag Topshop, Shoes Asos, Belt River Island
Jewellery Belle Noel @ Revolve and Pinkmascara,

Tassled Waistcoat, Sunglasses, Hat and 3 Smaller Bracelets River Island,
Sandals Aldo, Bikini Victoria Secret, Heart Bracelet Miss Selfridge

Everything I have used today are available from Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Asos, River Island, Victoria Secret, Aldo, Akira, Freepeople, Revolve Clothing and Pink Mascara. As always I am trying to keep it relevant to everyone. Using highstreet stores, affordable pieces and just the odd fabulous piece that can be found online coming from America. You may have noticed that I use alot of pieces from Belle Noel and House of Harlow, I am quite literally obsessed. Keep an eye out for more features using my favourite pieces and highlighting some of my serious obsessions. What do you think of my 5 outfits? Would you wear any of them? Do you like the skirt that I picked?

Sunday 12 June 2011

Sunday Samples Lasange

This lasange is a fail safe method and always able to satisfy any hunger pangs that anyone should have. It's great if you're cooking for a family or any number of people and is delicious, I promise. You will need
A pound of minced meat
An ounce of butter
Some plain flour
Mature Cheddar Cheese
An Onion and 1 large or two small cloves of garlic
A tin of chopped tomatoes and a tablespoon of tomato puree
You can also add some bell peppers and mushrooms if you want

The spices you will need

Heat your olive oil and add onions. Allow to simmer on
low heat for 5 minutes, until translucent

I was asked by a friend the other day about how to make sure that the pasta sheets are cooked through and don't have that crunch. This is my trick for ensuring a soft and fully cooked lasange

Soften your pasta sheets in a dish of boiling water

Melt your butter on a low heat so it doesn't burn

Once butter is melted add flour a little at a time
to soak up the butter

Once ready for milk it resembles a dough

Add your milk and stir until all lumps of flour are gone,
then allow to simmer on low heat and for the flour to cook

Add your mince and garlic to the onions and
add your flavourings

Once the mince is cooked through add the table spoon
of Tomato Puree

Ensure it is all mixed in fully

Add your tin of chopped tomatoes and allow to simmer on a low heat
For me there's nothing much worse than a dry lasange so I always ensure that there is sufficient cheese sauce. If your are worried about how bad this recipe can be use low fat or not fat milk like I do and you can also use a low fat cheese.

Check your sauce, It should now look like this above once mixed. Add milk
and stir until at your desired thickness

Add a handful of grated cheese and stir in until melted

Add salt and pepper to your taste

Take your mince and place a layer on the bottom of your dish then
add a layer of the pasta sheets

Add a layer of the cheese sauce and repeat the 3 layers again
Add a sprinkling of cheese and cover with tinfoil.
Place in the oven for 20 minutes

I like to let the top brown a little so I will always put it in the oven without the tinfoil for another 8-10 minutes.

Your final product ready to be devoured

Do you like lasange? This is a great version and is so much better than any of those packet fillers available. If there are any other dinners/meals that you like and are unsure of how to cook, let me know. I have quite a good variety of amazing recipes ready to put up here for ya'll. And that cheese sauce recipe is a brilliant one to master as you can use this for so many different things. Stay tuned for more recipes to use this sauce for there will be another one next weekend. Enjoy and be sure to let me know if you try it out.