Wednesday 29 June 2011

All Hail Queen B

I am a true lover of all things fabulous and am on a constant quest to find inspiration from those Fierce Women out there in the World. So I am just going to take a little moment to stop and really appreciate the Woman that is known as Queen B.

Seriously, I love her. I have seen her in concert and have followed her career since the first Destiny's Child Album was released. Her voice to me is the best in the World and her personality and graciousness outshines so many out there. She has been promoting her latest album "4" which I love,

And her first single from the album, Run the World,

and is currently on a press and promo tour following her record breaking headlining act in at the Glastonbury Festival last Sunday. She appeared Tuesday night on Piers Morgan's interview show for CNN, which I watched yesterday and again loved, all ahead of her upcoming trip to Oxygen in two weeks, which I am sickened I can't go to. Anyway I am in such awe and I am so seriously inspired and admire her so much that I wanted to shine the spotlight on her just a little more and do a post on all her seriously amazing promotional images

and magazine features for W magazine

And for Dazed & Confused Magazine.

 The Woman is Amazing. So Fierce and High fashion and truly an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others out there. So I say, all hail Queen B. And check out this HOTTT performance on France's Xfactor Show. WOW!!!

What do ya'll think of B. Are you fans or not so much. For me she is most definitely a major style star and I love to see all the risks she takes through fashion and her individual style to me is unbelievably inspiring.


  1. Beyonce is so awesome, love that she has always rocked the curves! And yes, her voice (and dancing) is unbelievable. She's become such a great and strong female influence, she is super inspiring!

  2. Absolutely hon, She's proud of the fact that she's not a stick and she promotes a healthy lifestyle which I love. So fierce and yes definitely one of the greatest inspirations and rolemodels for young women out there. xxx