Wednesday 8 June 2011

Ethereal Highstreet Style

After a crazy few days I'm finally back on track and continuing with my Ethereal Trend. For me I think that when wearing the Ethereal Style you can achieve this look the easiest with wearing the few key pieces for this trend. The first being the dress, the second being the skirt, third being the body (leotard style suit) and lastly the ballerina pump, which I will cover in Accessorize Ethereal Style. For Highstreet Style with this trend you have a lot of options in which to rock the trend completely. When rocking Ethereal stick with floaty fabrics, tulle, organza and alot of muted tones, nudes and pastels. If you decide to go more towards the Ballerina side of the trend you can change up the colour a little if wearing a tutu style dress (think Black Swan). Either way look beautiful, lady like and demure. Here are some of my favourite High Street Picks


All of the Above are available from Asos. I just love about Asos, how easy it is to complete deck yourself out at just one online hotspot. It seriously is an obsession for me, as you have probably gathered by now. I've been shopping there for over 2 years now and always enjoy when I know there's money spare to spend on my favourite online store.

These 6 dresses above are available from Topshop, another amazing online store. What I love about Topshop online is I don't get charged the extortionate hiking of prices between sterling and euro that you find in the shops.

Fist two from left Asos and right Topshop

All Jarlo at River Island


Maxi Skirts from Left and centre Miss Selfridge on right River Island. Team with a pretty fitted top in light and nude tones. See the Chloe Runway pictures here for further inspiration.

Short Skirts all from River Island. Wear the short skirt as a Ballerina style. Pair with a body or a little cardi for a dressed down style.

The Body:

Play the style down with a simple body. Keep it ladylike and not to revealing. Think pretty ballerina. All above available from Asos.

Play up a more simple skirt with one of these more dressy bodys for a night out or more occasion wear. Left available from Asos, on the right Rare Opulence available from Topshop, also seen here.

I'm absolutely loving this trend and with all the online window shopping I've been doing for these posts I've realised how much is actually out there that's completely relevant to this trend. There's something so ladylike, demure and sophisticated about wearing this trend and the dresses available completely step aside from the club look and the body con styles and make a girl look like a girl again, elegant and lovely and for want of a better word, Ethereal. Do ya'll like the Ethereal look? Are you more club than Pretty?


  1. I love the ethereal look, all the sheer clothes, the soft colors, they are all lovely! I specially lik the short dresses :)


  2. Lovely picks! I adore ASOS - they have such great items and fantastic customer service too :)

  3. @ Marta. The Ethereal look really is so pretty. I love that It's dainty and so ladylike. I love the sheer too, it's sexy without giving away all your secrets ;) xx
    @ Katherine Thank you. Asos is amazing. They really are so great. I want to work for them, if only I lived in the UK. I've never had any problems in 2 years of ordering from them. xx

  4. I love love LOVE this post. The ethereal look is gorgeous! I am dying over some of those Topshop dress-I wish we had them out by us!

    love from San Francisco,

  5. Thank you Britt+Whit. It really is so pretty isn't it. Can you not buy Topshop on the American part of the Website? OOh you're from SanFran. My grand aunt lives in Sausalito. Dying to come visit at some stage. Mae xx