Wednesday 15 June 2011

Colour Combo Of the Season

So you may have noticed on everyone lately what the hottest colour combo of the season is. Everyone from Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and more have been wearing the Bright Orange and Purple Combination. I have already talked a little about Bold Colours and Colour Blocking in my Trend of the Week and used one of my favourite pieces this season, in the Bold Orange for a ONE X 5. However this colour combination seems to be popping up more frequently over the last few weeks and has definitely been situated as THE Colour Combination of the Season. I have to say I LOVE IT. What more can you want. Bold Orange, a summer MUST HAVE colour on it's own and that jewel toned/Lakers purple. Admittedly it can go unbelievably wrong, Cheryl, Why? And can be a miss, Kim, sorry!

But for those who hit it and do it right.. WOW!!!

I have been searching myself for quite a while for this colour combination on the Highstreet and I'm at a loss. Surely the likes of River Island or Zara who bang out their designer inspired pieces relatively quickly could have brought out a little more to fit into this combination. And Lipsy's attempt is just ever so slightly off.

I would much rather buy one piece, a dress than have to search everywhere to find the right cut for me, in those colours, in two separate pieces. Oh how I despair. Anyway this is what I'm thinking for now, as the couple of other pieces that I did like are already sold out (as is my ONE X 5 Blazer from Zara, which I am so sorry I didn't get when I saw it)
Top River Island, Skirt Asos, Belt Asos, Shoes Carvela

What do you think of this colour combination? Hit or Miss?


  1. I love these colours.

    Thank you for you message on my blog and for following me. I am following you too!

    So nice to hear from someone living in Ireland, my Nan is Irish.

    All the best,

  2. Hello doll, the colours are great together aren't they. Thank you for your messages too. I love to read ever message and see people's opinions on what I write about. Of course I'm following your blog. It's really great. Definitely going to try out that Papaya mask. Ah your nan is Irish, thats cool, where is she from. xxx

  3. I know amazing, right. Love the hair :) xx