Saturday 11 June 2011

Acessorize Ethereally

When you're looking to accessorize you Ethereal style you have to keep in mind the true meaning of Ethereal. It's about that dream like state. The world of the unknown and the sheer beauty of the real woman. Strip it all down. Bare essentials. True Beauty.

Always keeping in mind the ballerina style within this trend. If I was to wear this trend I would keep it free from any crazy jewellery. Maybe just a set of pearl earrings, pretty studs and a simple string of pearls or dainty chain with a small pendant. Same for a bracelet, very simple, small links and not overpowering in the slightest.

The earrings are available at Accessorize as is the string of pearls. The cute bracelet is available from River Island.
Wear with the ballerina bun, the ballet flat and pretty pastel makeup. Here are some pumps that I have found that really fit in with this trend.

The bottom row is available from River Island and everything else is available on Asos.
When doing your ballet bun if you are having problems getting the shape right or having problems in any way I highly recommend getting yourself a donut. I bought mine in Penneys and haven't  had any problems with it. It helps make that perfect shape desired and also for people with thinner hair it helps to make your bun the desired size. I've seen them in Claire's Accessories if you don't want to spend the big bucks but they are available from Salon Services, Terri Sales and any shop that sells hair extensions. I'm more than sure you could probably get one in most chemists too. Here's the Hairspray tutorial on how to apply them. It's always handy to have someone there to fix anything that you cannot see but it is fairly easy to do on your own.

In Makeup the pastel colours are a trend on their own. Take a leaf out of Rihanna's book and go for something soft and girly like the baby pink, lilac or blue. Mac brought out their Quite Cute Range in April

but they've moved on to Surf, Baby range now (J'Adore by the way). There are probably most of the colours still available at your local mac or See Mac's Fashionflower range. Or for a cheaper alternative Rimmel have their Glam'Eyes Collection.
Do you have any element of Rihanna's swagger, enough to rock the pastel eyes? J'adore the simplicity of a ballet pump, is anyone else the same?

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