Thursday 26 May 2011

Who's wearing It Ethereal

The Ethereal trend is a red carpet staple to be seen at the majority of Award Show Red Carpets year in year out. It has been catapulted into this Season by a few different factors. Obviously the Oscars red carpet will always have something to do with how the season's trends are going to pan out and this year with Halle Berry in Marchesa and Mila Kunis in Elie Saab both soft colours, tulle fabric, lace, and ethereal. Other factors that add to this trend are the major hair trend of the Ballerina bun which has taken over in the style stakes for the go to updo. With Rihanna championing the pastel shadows for her videos and photos shoots this is the third facet of the trend. The last thing that makes this trend whole is the Ballet flat, with Lanvin's Ballet pump being one of the only flat shoes that celebs will be caught in.

Mila Kunis

Halle Berry

Drew Barrymore
Dianna Agron

Anna Kendrick, Demi Moore,Rachel McAdams

Lauren Conrad, Rihanna, Taylore Swift, Fashion Toast (Blogger)

Keira Knightly has nailed it on numerous occasions

Jessica Alba
Blake Lively has said in the past that she dresses Ethereally regularly in order to make sure that she doesn't look frumpy. Somehow I actually can't imagine her looking frumpy.

Blake Lively
The Ballerina style and the tutu have also become hot favourites on Red Carpets
Chanel Iman
Selena Gomez

Jessica Alba

Mia Wasikowska

Blake Lively and Lea Michele in Marchesa
Kelly Osbourne in Marchesa
The Ballet bun has swiftly taken over this season on the red carpet as the go to upstyle. J'Adore. I have to say I have rocked this quite a number of times myself and I love it. Not only does it look super cute but it also acts as a mini (non-surgical) facelift which smooths out any wrinkles. Amazing!

Kate Bosworth
Whitney Port

Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker

Jessica Alba and Christina Milian
The ballet pump. Cute, feminine, comfortable and not high heels. What more can you ask for? Make them Lanvin. Perfection.
And the pastel makeup trend done so perfectly by Rihanna.

I have to say J'Adore this video of Rihanna's. She looks so amazing and truly beautiful. I only wish I could pull of the colours she's rocking.
So girlies do you like the ethereal style dresses. Do you think they should be kept to the red carpet only or can they be worn all the time? Do you like the pastel makeup trend or do you think that only Rihanna can pull it off?


  1. MILA is def the best ever!!
    i love her!!
    hope you'll follow me and i'll do the same.

    Syriously in Fashion

  2. Hi honey,
    I really love your blog...
    Take a look at my blog :D

  3. Hi Syrious, Mila's dress has to be on of my favourite dresses for 2011 so far. It's truly stunning. Thanks for following and I'm going to have a look through your blog now. Mae xx

    Hi Lara, Delighted you love my blog. It's lovely to see that people like what I like. Going to take a look at your blog now. Mae xx