Sunday 8 May 2011

Who's Wearing It Urban Sport/Utility

When it comes to this trend the lines are blurred which is why I put all the mini trends under the same umbrella. Neither trend is necessarily stong enough on it's own however they all have slight similarities with the others. The urban trend can mean different thing to different people and the sportswear as day wear trend can sometimes mean the same thing as the Urban trend. Am I confusing you enough? What I mean is, the sports wear trend such as the Varsity Jacket, the hoody, the sweatshirts ect are often worn by what would be classed as the Urban scene.

I'm talking Rihanna, Ciara, Gwen Stefani for a few examples. These gorgeous girlies tend to rock the Urban Sport and Utility trends regularly, often making it a signature day time look.

Within this trend the main pieces to not are the jumpsuit, which does stem from the 1970's look/trend (which i will be covering soon) however it does completely fit within this trend and is definitely a part of the urban look. The Jumpsuit epitomises the dressed up casual look, combined with the silky and flowy fabrics that the jumspuits tend to be made of. The jumpsuit is without a doubt a key piece and will be an upcoming MUST HAVE. It is a side trend in itself and looks to be staying around for a couple more seasons


Another of the MUST HAVE items for this particular trend is the Hareem Pants. This garment stems from the ethinic trend that we are also seeing alot of, the pants themselves originating from India. The bright colours, the ethnic prints such as Aztec designs and African prints and the silky fabrics are so lovely to see around and if worn well can really smash it! I will also be doing a MUST HAVE with Prints further in a couple of weeks, I need the sun to come back out first.

When it comes to the sports side of this trend, which can be taken literally as seen above with Gwen Stefani wearing Adidas, or can be translated into a more chic style with a standard jumper, flowy off the shoulder jersey top, racer back vests and varsity jackets with a boyfriend jean (see my menswear highstreet style)

The brand Wilfox Couture is great for this style and is definitely the celeb's go to when it comes to the Urban Sport/ Utility Trend

Alternatively for the Celebs is the one and only Etoile Isabel Marant, another favourite of the celebs for Uber Chic casual wear. This woman does is right!

When it comes to the Utility side of the Trend the celebs hit the nail on the head. Pair a Utility Jacket with casual jeans or leggings

Check out my MUST HAVE for this style Cargo Pants
Just beware of the Hareem and if you find yourself looking like this, step back to the dressing room and change.

So what do you think, do you like this trend. Are you gonna rock the sport look. I love this trend. As a stay at home Mum with a crazy, energetic 2 year old this is definitely a trend I rock regularly as the comfort and ease that I find is second to none. As much as I would love to be full glamour all the time, heels aren't appropriate to chase my daughter in, cargo pants, an off the shoulder jersey top and some utility/military boots are however.

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