Thursday 19 May 2011


For my ONE X 5 for this trend I have to stick with my favourite piece from the Utility side. I have already done the trouser as a MUST HAVE and now i'll show you 5 different ways to wear it. I do this as a justification to myself so I can allow myself to buy the piece. In the past I have had a bad habit of buying amazing statement pieces that may only be suitable for one type of event or one type of outfit and then once it's been seen once it's remembered so I might never wear it again. This is very counter productive and a waste of money so I have been trying to change my bad habits and buy clothing that can be mixed and matched with everything else in my closet which can then completely restructure and outfit and be suitable to wear to everything and anything. Recession Chic!

I'm going to go with this pair from River Island

When doing the ONE X 5s I try my best to ensure that everybody can identify with something that I post about. Whether it be with teens and finding something they like in the summer bbq or festival outfits or someone more family oriented with family responsibilities and the school run and errands day outfits or the single, flirty and thirty something fashionista who spends her days in the office and her free time dining with the girls or .... I hope that I am covering all the bases and showing a wide variation of how to wear certain pieces. Enjoy!

Jacket Zara, Top and Scarf River Island, Shoes Aldo,
Bracelet Miss Selfridge, Bag Topshop, Sunglasses Asos

Bag, Sunglasses and Hat Asos, Earrings Miss Selfridge,
Everything Else River Island

Tshirt Asos, Bracelets and Scarf Miss Selfrige,
Everything Else River Island

Earrings and Watch Asos,

Everything Else River Island

Jacket Topshop, Everything Else Available on Asos

What do ya'll think? Do you like my outfit choices? Am I the only person obcessed with the Utility trousers? I also love these trousers for festival fashion so I will use them again in another ONE X 5 as a feature instead of the ONE piece further down the line when I am doing the 70s trend and festival MUST HAVES

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