Thursday 5 May 2011

Trend for the week

So my trend for the week is Urban Sport/Utility. This trend is a standalone trend however if you want to really pick it apart and work it all out then it can be divided into Urban as the first trend, Sport as the second and Utility.

Urban is fairly self explanatory it's casual, loose clothing, hareem trousers and loose silky materials, a hood every now and again, without the adidas stripes and the Asbo, you know when you were a kid and you wanted to be like someone because the were cool, well Urban is cool. Think All Saints Cool.

For Sport think varsity jackets, track shorts and stripes, which is a major side trend/style to wear this season. The clothing would be reminiscant of tennis wear, golf wear and well, track wear, less the balls and sweat. Uber Stylish of course.
Utility is like mititary but slightly sofer, think Cargo pants like my MUST HAVE. Basically Khaki and beige. What you'd wear on Safari for example.This trend has been around for a couple of seasons. It may not have been as big on the runways, however the Celebs are still wearing it and the high street still stocking it. This trend will fall in beside the festival wear as The Cargo jacket is a MUST HAVE* both for this trend and for festivals (in Ireland anyway)
On the runways it was featured quite alot in New York, the trend would be quite reminiscant of the urban and street style in America without being too grungy

Here are some exaples of Runway shows which featured this trend

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Nicholas K

Nicholas K

Calvin Klein

Diane Von Furstenberg


Pringle of Scotland

Richard Nicholl


Tommy Hilfiger


I showed you a couple of weeks ago Kanye West wearing the Celine Ladies Blouse on stage at Coachella.


Sonia Rykiel

Marc by Marc Jacobs
And who was my favourite from this trend, the one and only Isabel Marant. This woman is AMAZING. I have love everything that she has put down the runway to date. Everybody wears her clothes and she has gained almost cult iconic status. Here's some of the garments from her Spring Summer 2011 collection

And look who is the Face of the Advertising Campaign, jealous much??

So what do you think? Is this a trend that stands out for you? Will you rock the Sports wear for everyday? Do you J'Adore Isabel Marant as much as I do?


  1. thank you, so glad you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more on this trend coming soon. and follow me for any updates. xx