Friday 27 May 2011

Wedding Guest Check list

As I have told you before in my wedding feature in the Royal Wedding run up, my Dad is getting remarried and the wedding is today. As a guest for a large wedding I think it's super important to look your best while still making sure that I don't have a dress the same colour as the bride and secondly the bridesmaids. I have been searching for quite a long time for the perfect dress. It's not been easy I have to say. I briefly looked into hiring a dress from an amazing little boutique in Limerick, The Ivory Closet, but due to lack of a car, time and money I decided against it. That being said I will most definitely be hiring from the girls at the Ivory Closet in the future and I ordered my jewellery from them so at least I'll sparkle in a small way.
Finding the perfect outfit for a wedding is a long and arduous journey. What style do you go for, what length. Do you get a maxi or a mini or even a midi. The few things we know for certain are we are going to be wearing it all day and into the night and we must be comfortable while remaining fabulous.

The dress I ended up picking is this one. I love it. The colour is Fab and the cut is flattering. It's from A/Wear. I will not, without a doubt, be without my Shapewear on the day and I hope that throughout the day the dress remains as fabulous as it is when tried on initially.

My shoes are Christian Louboutin, the petal shoe. Had to be done. These beauties were my present to myself when I had my daughter. They are one of my favourite pairs of shoes and I really consider them an investment and have seriously more sentimental value than any other of my shoes. They were also my first pair of Louboutins which is always something that stands out in my memory. I hope one day that I can pass these on to my daughter so fingers crossed she will have the same shoe size as me.

My Jewellery is a mixture between the Ivory Closet's jewellery line "Bellerina" and accessorize. All affordable and achievable for anyone. J'Adore sparkle, so for me a little sparkle on the day was a MUST HAVE.

My bag is Marc B from Asos. This bag is my go-to staple bag for nights out. It can be worn over the shoulder with it's 2 straps, the strap can be turned into one longer strap to sit at your hip and it can also be worn as an over sized clutch. For me a bag has to fit everything for a night out, the camera, the makeup for touch ups, my phone and purse and also a pair of flats to wear on the way home. This bag fits the criteria for me. I love the style too, the inspiration of the Chanel quilted bag. Can't go wrong

There you have my outfit for my Dad's wedding. What do you think? Do any of you have weddings coming up this year, your own or a friends/family member's? I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. ohh I love those shoes! they are really pretty, and your bag is nice too, haha yeah can't go wrong with the chanel inspired bag! :D

  2. wow darling the dres sis AMAZING!!!
    totally in love with!!
    very cute blog!
    thank for you sweet comment i'm following you

  3. Hi Pop Champagne, I love these shoes too they are so pretty and are so comfortable to wear all day and night. The bag is great too, chanel ispried is great, wishing for the real things though. Mae xx

    Hi again Syrious, lovely to see you returning. Delighted you love the dress. It was nice on too. I'll be putting up some photos later this week. Hope to hear what you think. Thank you for the comment. I'm super glad you like it. J'Adore your blog also. Be in touch again soon Mae xx

  4. Thank you Maddalena. Mae xx

  5. thats awesome that those shoes you can wear all day and night, not enough heels are like that these days :D

    and great blog, following you now!

  6. I know it's amazing that I lasted all night after standing all day for the wedding and photos etc. I'm usually quite bad at keeping shoes on when out dancing but I feel that I've broken these shoes in so now they let me last all night. Definitely worth the money ;)
    Thanks so much for the compliment, I really appreciate it. And the follow too. You're a star xx