Friday 20 May 2011

Replicate the Best

When it comes to the highstreet they tend to replicate the high fashion and runway looks to give fashion to people from all income levels. I like to think that fashion and style don't need the big bucks just a helping hand in the right direction. As I have said before I love Etoile Isabel Marant and her clothes are completely my style. J'Adore. So when I saw this picture of Kate Bosworth wearing head to toe Isabel Marant I literally swooned.

This outfit is so super cute, seriously girly and despite the shorts it's completely wearable in Ireland because of the boots and the Jumper. The shorts are that perfect shade of girly pink and aren't something that we see alot of on the English and Irish highstreets. This shade alone is something that I have always found difficult to find for myself. Here are the shorts on the Runway.

Luckily for us the highstreet this season is "on the ball". And we can get the Isabel Marant look for a fraction of the price.

The Real Deal $225

Topshop Moto shorts £26

Zara E25.95
Zara E25.95

These Isabel Marant shorts are everywhere and are completely the talk of the fashion world. They sold out on Net-A-Porter in an hour and according insiders are increasingly difficult to find. So grab your replicas quick before everyone else does.
Do you love these as much as I do. Is pink still the colour that makes the boys wink?

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