Tuesday 24 May 2011


This Monday MUST HAVE is a little late. I had it all ready to go up yesterday but had a slight problem with a couple of things which had to be rectified this morning. Better late than never eh?
As diamonds are a girls best friend, Shapewear are a Mum's best friend or even any fashionista's best friend. I swear by these things partially because I have a little (or big depending on who's opinion) pooch. It is a result of a few things  
A. I am not a size 2/4/6
B. I am a woman with curves
C. I had a baby by emergency C-Section which not only cut through the muscles in my lower stomach but also through the nerves (no regrets and totally worth it)
D. I adore food too much to deprive myself

Now all those reasons aside I do go through moments of panic and stress when getting ready for a night out. I do have my reasons as above and I own my flaws however I also don't want to advertise them to the world. This is where Shapewear comes in.

Depending on which way you go these things can almost drastically alter your shape, for the better. They flatten tums, smooth out the rolls, lift the bums and well make you look like you've been spending alot longer in the gym than you realistically have. This is why they are a MUST HAVE. And I definitely recommend every girl/woman should have at least one style of shapewear. Ya'll wear a push up bra to enhance what nature gave you so why not have some shapewear too.

I am not the only person who rocks these not so cute lovelies on a night out. Every style star that rocks her curves owns some


Katie Holmes
Bethenny Frankel

Jennifer Lopez
Blake Lively
Adrienne Bailon
Molly Sims
Kelly Osbourne
Beth Ditto
Eva Longoria
Jessica Alba
Khloe Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Katie Perry
Even Oprah has raved about these wonders on her show, having the woman who made them, 27 year old Sarah Blakely, on her show as a guest. She explained how the idea had stemmed from her cutting the feet off her pantyhose for years and then looking for a sign on whether this would be a marketable idea. The sign came from Oprah who had said on her show that she had been doing the same thing for years.
In just six years, Sara says Spanx has made more than $100 million in retail sales. "It's amazing. I mean, all the men that I was cold-calling [said], 'This isn't a good idea. I don't get it,' and [the business] just has taken off. I believed in it. You were such a big part of it," Sara tells Oprah. "The journey has been amazing, and I feel like you've been present almost the whole journey. I'm thrilled to meet you."

So these miraculous wonders are a hollywood badly kept secret and everyone, every lady out there should have some.

As always Penneys has a few different types of shapewear. I actually have a strapless boob tube shaped dress style that I think is amazing and cost very little in Penneys, I think it was E11.00 but don't quote me on that. I also have a pair of the leg and tum control style however I do find with this one that it can slip down slightly under the bra strap and only enhance that little bit of overspill from underneath the bra strap and this is not cute. All well and good that your legs and tummy look lovely and roll free but if you have overspill on your back it almost defeats the purpose. So here is what I've found for you


Flexees Firm Control Waistshaper
Brief as seen on Lady Gaga
Maidenform 'Control It' Firm
Control Waist Nipper Tube

Pay Day:
Flexees Smooth Shaping
Control Strapless Full Slip
Bravissimo Miracle Body
from DD to G cup

Fleexes Instant Slimmer Firm
Control Wear Your Own Bra body

Maidenform Control It Firm
Control Wear your own Bra
Singlet €38.46

Flexees Easy Up Control
Strapless Full Slip
Spanx Hide & Sleek
High-Rise Thong
Spanx Super Power Panties -
Thigh And Tummy Control

Ultimo Miracle D-G
Backless Body

Ultimo Miracle A-D
V Shaped Body


Yummie Tummie Exclusive to Asos
Strapless Slip €112.82
Yummie Tummie Control
Rihanna Corset €126.92

Yummie Tummie
Bustless Slip €76.92

Spanx Slimplicity
Lingerie Slip €88.46

Yummie Tummie
Control Front Body €96.15

All the above shapewear are available on Asos and the Bravissimo one is available here. I swear by these things and I'm sure if you try them, you will too. I've done the shapewear as this weeks MUST HAVE as the trend I'll be working on this week is the Ethereal Trend which deals alot with form fitted dresses, red carpet style and most important really, which requires the shapewear is the Ballerina Style. It is also important for me this week as my Dad's wedding is on Friday and I will be doing a few posts on that. What do you think about the shapewear I've shown you, is it something you would be interested in? Do any of you already have some?

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