Sunday 15 May 2011

Urban Sports/Utility Highstreet style

On the highstreet, as per usual there is a huge amount of variety when it comes to this trend. Like I have said before, the Urban Sport/ Utility can be taken literally or broken down to form three seperate mini trends, either way there is something out there for everyone.
Natasha Poly for Vogue Italia
 I love River Island and they always cater for every style out there, this season they have definitely taken this trend and ran with it. It could almost be a one stop shop for purchasing your few key pieces from this trend but if you want to diversify your high street then here are a few of my favourite high street picks for this trend.

With the outerwear and jackets you can rock this trend in a few different ways, for sport the Varsity Jacket is a must have. If you look around you can find a super cute piece that you can almost tailor to your specific style by the colour you choose. This could also be jacket you choose for Urban or you could switch it up with a rockin biker jacket in a leather or faux leather or a jacket that combines jersey and leather or jersey and denim.

Topshop £30

River Island £54.99
River Island £44.99

When looking at the trend on the catwalk the Urban was mostly a jersey or silk loose cut blazer style jacket. Think oversized, loose cute, fallaway and waterfall styled comfy and pretty yet edgy and cool. I've covered alot of blazers already for my MENS WEAR trend however this is slightly different in the sense that the men's jacket is the more masculine of the blazer trend. Check out the MENS WEAR posts for further inspiration and you may have the inclination to combine the two trends and rock something ultra stylish. I have picked just two blazers I really like for this trend.

Asos E64.10
Mink Pink @ Asos E57.69

And for Utility, well the Parka is the Must Have. I will be doing the parka as a MUST HAVE for festival fashion coming closer to festival season. You can go with a short or long parka again depending on your own preferance. The trench and the safari jackets all fall into this category also.

Asos E76.92
Topshop £70
River Island 59.99
Zara E69.95
Zara E79.95
Zara E69.95
When it comes to dresses the key to the sport trend is the stripe and the skater style dress, it's almost reminiscant of a 50's style house wife dress.

River Island £39.99

Nothing too revealing and generally a natural fabric like cotton or a jersey material. Dresses with a Peter Pan collar also fall in here. Anything that looks remotely sporty like a tennis dress or a hood.

River Island £16.99
River Island £21.99
The key dresses for this trend, really, are the racer back or strappy jersey dresses which you can get plain or striped.

Topshop £30
River Island £14.99
Wal G @ Topshop £29
They also have a fantastic selection of these dresses in Penneys. Like this one below the dress on the right is Penneys an almost identical recreation of the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress seen on the left, which was also a part of his Advertising Campaign for Spring Summer 2011, also seen here. This dress is available now in Penneys.

I could talk all day through every piece and how it fits in to the trend but instead ill just talk a little about the key pieces. The racer back vest is integral. It is sport, it is Urban and it is Utility. You can find the vests in every store our there from Penneys right the way up to designer brands like LnA, Kain and Stella McCartney. Again this is where you're own sense of style comes in and what you decide will always be perfect for you. I love the silk vests from River Island and the Cashmere mix vests from Topshop. I also have a huge, almost obcessive amount of plain cotton vests mixed from everywhere.

The other key pieces for this trend are the oversized jumper which have this season definitely been upped in the style stake. Think boxy cute, oversized, chuncky knits. Stripes, Cricket and Varsity styles all fit in

River Island £34.99
River Island £34.99

Asos E44.87
Asos from E12.82
Asos E51.28
Like I showed you in the Who's wearing it post the Hareem Pants and the Jumpsuit are also key pieces for the trend, especially for the Urban side of it. Go for a lightweight fabric and loosely tailored when choosing these pieces to fit in the Urban Trend.

Mink Pink @ Asos E70.51
@ Asos E41.02
Vero Moda @ Asos E41.02

When taking the Utility Side literally the key pieces are definitely the Utility Trouser/Jean seen in my MUST HAVE and defintely the shorts. Go for natural colours such as a beigh, the khaki green, browns and tans aswell as a white short which looks great with all the natural tones.

River Island £26.99
River Island £24.99
Topshop £36
Oasis @ Asos E38.46
Zara E25.95
Zara E27.95

This Jumpsuit from Topshop is also a really cute choice for the trend, it combines the must have Jumpsuit with the Utility style of the natural colour and linen like fabric

Topshop £40

What do ya'll think, will you rock this trend literally or stylishly? Does anyone else have an obcessive amount of racerback vest tops? Stay tuned for Acessorize your Trend, ONE X5 and steal her style all for the Urban Sports/ Utility Trend. Look out also for MONDAY'S MUST HAVE and a few other things that i have ready for you. Hope you're enjoying, all comments welcome.


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