About Me

Hi, I just wanted to tell you a little about me, my family, what I do and what started this blog. My name is Maelisa. I am 24 years old and from Ireland, more specifically Cork.

I was born in Killarney, Co. Kerry where both my parents are from, then when I was four my parents and I left and moved to Mitchelstown, Co.cork where my dad had got work. I then left Cork and moved to Dublin when I was 17 to start college. It's safe to say that initially college didn't go very well. I Started working in Clerys in Dublin and from there decided where I wanted my life to go. I was the fastest to progress in the history of the department store going from a part-time sales assistant to full time and then being headhunted for a managerial role within the Ladies Fashion Department within a year. After working for a little while I knew that I was not in the area that I desired to be in so I went back to school, at night. I always had a love for fashion, beauty and cosmetics, ever since I was very young. I told my Dad when I was 12, after my confirmation that I was going to be a hairdresser. I had always done my friend's makeup for all the school plays and talent shows that we held so when I was looking for courses I decided to go down the beauty route. I started with a Nail Technology course, then I did Waxing and finished with a Makeup Artistry course, all completed in Portobello College, Dublin.

I was made redundant from my job in Clerys while 4 months pregnant with my little angel, my daughter Amina. What was a huge shock at the time turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had such bad morning sickness (more all day sickness) that it was next to impossible to leave the bathroom, let alone the house and I was in a sense given the opportunity to stay home and raise my baby myself. I have spent the last 2 and a half years raising my child to study fashion and emerse myself in the world that is Runways, High Fashion and designers. I also took the time to go back to college and I have now completed a Sales, Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Course in Dublin Business School, which I love. I hope that I will have the opportunity in time to work within this side of the Cosmetics, Fashion and Beauty industry combining my love and knowledge of fashion with my Qualifications and love of Beauty and Makeup.

I still am not exactly sure of what exactly I want to do for my career, however I do know where I want to end up and what I want to achieve. Mogul is somewhere along the lines of the goal  ;). I am now looking into going on to study further, possibly in the areas of fashion buying and styling as well as fashion journalism. I am also keen to pursue the beauty and add to my portfolio by completing further courses along this line. I want to end up qualified and educated thoroughly in all the areas that I love so that I can be fully experienced enough to pursue my life goals.

I had been planning on starting this blog literally since I started reading blogs which was when I lost my job. I have always felt that I am quite opinionated and have something to say on well, everything. Whether people choose to listen to what I have to say or not, as I tend to be quite sarcastic in nature and have a tendency to ramble, I always thought that people didn't quite take me seriously. This blog in a sense was me being able to express myself and if people like it then that's the bonus for me. It was when my friends in college encouraged me to start a blog because it became clear quite quickly that I have a slight one track mind and talk so much about fashion etc that it may be worth my while setting one up. When my Advertising tutor brought in a guest speaker for one class, Anne-Marie Boyhan, the founder and editor of whatshewears.ie and the following week when my Advertising tutor referenced me on details of Bvlgari that I decided to take the plunge and go for it.
The name stands for the facets of my personality and who I am.
I have always been quite creative. It's something my Mum always strived for us to be. She was a really traditional mum, not materialistic at all and ever since I can remember she was always creating things for us growing up. She knitted, she sewed, she turn something simple into something wonderful. When we were kids part of Christmas tradition was sitting down and making decorations for the tree and garlands for the mantelpiece. This is a part of who I am instilled in me from birth as I was put into a hand knitted cardigan as soon as I was born. It is something that as my mum passed down to me I hope to pass on to my daughter too. I will be showing you pieces of hand creation every now and again. Hopefully as soon as I have managed to buy a sewing machine I will be able to create something extra special for Amina. I've had plans every since she was born to deck her room out in creations made with love that will rival anything found in the shops. From curtains, to duvet covers and cushion covers. I have been in search for the perfect materials for a very long time especially since I found my inspiration for what will be a beautiful little girls room.
I also have plans for the rest of my house to do little bits and pieces to really put my style and turn the house into a home. I will always post what I have done and how I have created the pieces. They will also feature in my Did It Myself Page
I also LOVE to cook, bake and create culinary masterpieces (said with a grin). I have a tendency to decide on creating a certain recipe and then halfway through realising I don't have all the ingredients so putting something else in instead. What happens is generally good and tastes amazing. I adapt recipes that I find in books and online to suit my own tastes and that of the family. I will have some of my signature recipes and creations added to the blog and will be featured in the Nibbles and Treats Page
Pearls stands for my style, my sense of fashion and for the world in which I escape from reality. I would consider myself to have quite a classic style. I try to be a yummy mummy but at the same time I have a very limited budget for spending on clothes as things such as food/groceries/bills or a pair of new shoes for my daughter (who's feet grow at an extraordinary rate), will always get priority over what used to be my shopping addiction. I do think I am a recovering addict as I now window shop and online gaze as apposed to parting with any much needed (and very hard to come by) cash.

Pearls also stands for my "vocation". I am a makeup artist and well on my way to being an all round beautician. I am available for Weddings, Debs, and that general occasion that requires you looking extra special. I can also advise on personal makeup skills and picking the perfect makeup for you.
Find more information on the Beauty Side of me within the Beauty Page and contact details on the Contact Me Page.
Daisy Chains to me is the aspect of my life that is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing to me. It stands for my beautiful family. The flower symbolism associated with the daisy is purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity. The daisy chain to me being something that is in an integral part of being a child, picnics and such like.
I have been happily married for 3 years to the most wonderful man, in the world. He is kind, gentle, so strong, my emotional rock, so intelligent and gorgeous (which always helps) but man of few words and beautifully timid (some say we complement each other perfectly as we are complete opposite but make each other whole). He is from West Africa and has had an amazing, shocking and interesting life so far. He loves music and has an amazing talent when it comes to making music.

As I have already mentioned I also have a daughter. A wonderfully funny, incredibly smart, unbelievably beautiful, so pleasant and slightly crazy 2 year old. She makes my life worth living and everything I do is for her. She will know every day of her life just how much her Mummy and Daddy love her and just how in awe we are of her beauty, both inside and out. This little girl has possibly the best manners I have EVER come across and and is such a sweet, caring little angel.

I have 4 little sisters, two of which are my main sounding boards in life and everything else. The one that followed me now lives with me and has become a major companion in my life and is probably the main person who keeps me sane (when she isn't driving me crazy). In saying that she is gorgeous, and fabulous and a fantastic help with my daughter.

The next one down is Amazing in every way, she has her own blog that she has just started and is growing up to be such a beautiful person. She is who I want to be like (when I grow up). She makes all of the family happy by just being herself.

These 2 of my sisters are the people who help me with my blog and their advice is probably the only advice on blogging that I will listen too, giving they are both avid blog readers themselves, naturally stylish and both simply stunning.

The two younger sisters are probably the cutest, adorable, gorgeous and the most amazing little people ever (other than Amina of course). Molly is 5 months and Mia is 2 days younger than Amina (yeah what you're thinking is right). My mum and I were pregnant at the same time.

My Mum, there are no words beautiful enough that can describe my Mum fully. She is so stunning, a beautiful person and she lives for her family. She is always the first person that I call when anything happens and she has been such a support for me through life. She is married to an amazing man who has settled into our family so naturally that it almost seems weird that he hasn't always been there. He is the perfect step Dad and took us all on as if we were his own.

My Dad still lives in Cork and unfortunately we don't get to see him as much as we would like. He is handsome, so funny and is possibly the biggest workaholic in the world. Daddy has always inspired me to succeed in life and strive for greatness. His words of advice are always listened to and he is probably the person I have tried to make proud the most. It was his wedding I attended this, see here and here

The rest of my family are all around and we are all incredibly close. My Aunties are like my big sisters and my uncles like the brothers I never had. They are always the people I turn to and each one has helped me in their own way so much through my life. I am grateful for every person that plays a part in my life which is why at times each one will feature a little bit in the blog.