Sunday 5 June 2011

The Final Product

So This is how it all turned out. The makeup had to be fixed at one stage in the evening, when my Dad got up and said his speech. For myself and my sisters it was definitely an emotional moment and stupidly I didn't apply a water proof mascara.

The outfit lasted well through the day. This picture was taken when we checked into our hotel. I had taken off my jewellery and shoes while giving myself a spruce up and didn't think about it while taking the photo.
Neither myself or my husband are photographers so I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures.
The beautiful bride and groom,

The Family together

This occasion was a fairly big deal in my life which is why I went into it so much. Everybody is involved with weddings at some stage in their lives and as we are well and truly in wedding season I though it might be nice to put up the outfit post. It will not be something that I'll be doing regularly at all, just for the couple of special occasions that come up every now and again. So what do ya'll think? Any weddings coming up for you this year. Have you arranged your outfits yet?


  1. So pretty, that red dress is gorgeous!
    xo Cara

  2. Fabolous you and your dress too! :)

  3. thank you so much G. Really lovely of you to say so. xxx