Monday 14 November 2011


Winter Woolies are an absolute MUST HAVE at the moment with the weather already starting to go below freezing. The days have beautiful clear blue skies but with the twist of being so cold that you fear for your toes, especially as you are unable to feel them anymore. I have chosen a selection of my favourite Winter Woolie Accessories from River Island in order to ensure your kept nice and toasty in the cold.


 I am completely in love with the cape above. I love everything about it from the boho feel to the navajo print and the versatility that is the cape. I will most definitely be purchasing this piece very soon to get me through those Winter months stylishly.






The Little Extras:


I'm absolutely loving the feather cable knit boot cuffs. The perfect little Winter Woolie to help stay warm while being completely on trend and so super cute. I truly think that if you want to invest in Winter Woolies this collection from River Island is the way to go. Check out there selection for yourselves and find the perfect Winter Woolies for you.

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