Monday 31 October 2011

Feather Fetish

I am having a serious growing obsession with feathers at the moment. As I have said before I love the boho look. It's probably the style that I am as closely related to and identify to.

I have always loved that hippy style matching feathers with angel wings and things like homemade friendship bracelets made from coloured strings and hemp rope. All things natural and very relaxed.

Since this year's "Festival Fashion" contained so many feather pieces I have been sure to stock up like crazy while they were available, buying items such as headbands and different jewellery pieces. I even bought one necklace in Penneys with the intent to make something different, special and entirely unique from it with a little customization. I am truly obsessed with the feather hair extensions and have been searching the Internet for months for the perfect set. If you've got a serious case of feather fetish like I do check out the unbelievably stunning Castaway photo shoot over at Spell and the Gypsy. I look through this blog for simple inspiration and I love the feeling of being free that is depicted from their photos. I find it very peaceful.

I'll keep you up to day with my feather fetish and show you my creations once finished. Are feathers something that tickle your fancy? (Sorry that was bad, but I couldn't resist)

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