Sunday 7 August 2011

To Smile

This is my Saturday Smile Post but I didn't get on to the computer yesterday. I had a day off Mummy duties and headed into town for a day of window shopping and catching up with my little sister, Ari. It's always so nice to be able to completely chill out and have a good natter with her while literally DYING over all the Autumn Winter stock coming into the shops. I came home wet and exhausted with broken shoes (which will be returned) but had a big smile on my face. I love having sisters who are grown up now it's like having two best friends who you know will always be there, no matter how much you annoy them.

A sunny day. A rare occurrence in Ireland during the Summer

The perfume my amazing husband brought me back from his trip back home. These are my favourite day time (Chloe) and night time (Dior Addict 2) perfumes.

Some stunning photographs of my stunning sister Aimee who's in Barcelona. I miss her terribly but I will be reunited with her in 2 weeks time when my other sister Ari and I fly over to her for a long weekend. I am living for the 19th at this stage.

Watching my daughter and her Daddy have a moment.. Nothing can even compare or be more precious to me.

A family day out to watch the air show at Bray Summerfest. Pretty amazing to watch all the tricks the planes do. Completely on edge though, they go so close to each other it's nerve wracking.
All these pictures are from a few weeks back. As it is going to be a regular post I will eventually catch up. What made you smile this week?

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