Tuesday 16 August 2011

70's Highstreet Style

With the 70's trend there are definitely pieces that standout. The MUST HAVES to get yourself 70's ready are the Flare, A maxi skirt or 3, some palazzo trousers with cute blouses tucked in. The Kimono is a staple piece for any 70's wardrobe along with a palazzo style jumpsuit. Everything is in muted 70s colours such as Maroon, Navy, Mustard, Hunter Green and the nude shades such as beigh and taupe with a splash of orange here and there. Fabrics are Denim, cord and suede with floaty fabrics pulling the look together. I love River Island's selection of 70's inspired pieces which mix all the best areas of the trend into one fantastic collection. They even have their Chelsea Girl section which is inspired by 60's and 70's style English fashion. Ok so I am bias, I adore River Island, slightly obsessed you might say but the clothes that are available are of such good quality and alot of the pieces are reminiscent of true high fashion. It has been said that their upcoming Autumn Winter Advertising is reminiscent of a Chloe campaign and it wasn't me that said that ;) Anyway here are my highstreet picks for the trend

The Flare:
All Asos
All River Island
Both Zara

The Trousers:
All Trousers Available from River Island

The Shorts:
                                           River Island                                                           Topshop                                             Asos

The Skirts:
All River Island

The Blouse:
All River Island

The other Tops:
             Asos                           Miss Selfridge                       Topshop                                             River Island

The Cover Up:
All River Island
All Topshop
                                     Asos                                                 River Island                                         Miss Selfridge

The Dress:
All River Island
Asos                                                                                            Topshop
                                      Rare At Topshop                                                                                      Asos

Jumpsuits and playsuits:
                    Asos                                                                                              River Island

The Coats:
                                River Island                                              Asos                                                 Miss Selfridge
As I said above the selection of 70's style fashion on the highstreet is pretty good but River Island really does seem to be a one stop shop for this trend. I know I'll be in there very soon spending my birthday vouchers stocking up for the Autumn with fabulous 70's pieces to join the few bits I've already got. I can't wait. So what did you think of my picks for this style? Are you loving River Island this season as much as I am?Stay tuned for Accessorize the 70's a fabulous selection of accessories for this Spring Summer Trend which is carrying us right into this upcoming season.

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  1. OMG, love your blog! it's like a fashion/shopping/trend encyclopedia!!
    i will come very often from now on.