Sunday 11 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Work Party

I have decided to do this Christmas Outfit Series running over the next two weeks for a few reasons,
(A) I always work out in advance what I want to wear and have it completely styled in my head. If a can't get a certain piece for the outfit, the whole idea gets scrapped and I start again.

(B) In a way it's a type of Wishlist/Christmas list for myself which I make referrals too and also like to tick things off as I purchase or secure the different pieces. This Christmas list/Wishlist starts for me at the end of the summer, which to me is either after My Birthday or after my Foreign Holiday, whichever comes last. My lists comprise of Family Christmas Presents, My Christmas Wishlist and finally my Christmas Outfit List.

(C) The final reason why I have done this list is, I get paid once before Christmas, thus meaning one pay check with which to purchase all needed. I have to work out what I want, What it's going to cost and which items I can mix and match throughout the Christmas period to give myself less stress and to also spend less. I always like to buy pieces that I can use alot. For example If I buy a statement piece which is expensive, I have to be able to wear it with a number of things in order to justify the cost.
Okay so alot to take it, all my crazy ramblings in my head now down in print, so to the outfit.

Work Christmas Party

This is what I have in my head for my Work Christmas party.
Blazer, Shorts, Top, Earrings and Ring - River Island
I love this Blazer so much. Black, check, a little PU, check and versatile, definitely. The shorts okay a bright colour, not something that will go with everything but hey sometimes you have to go where the heart desires. They aren't ridiculously expensive so I can justify the spend. I can see these also being worn on Summer Holidays next year and also for Summer nights out with a nice bright white top. And just look at that top, the sequins on the racer back make it a statement however from the front it looks like a simple dark grey/navy silk vest. Versatile, of course!
Shoes - Steve Madden
A blue shoe, well it's kind of a MUST HAVE, not quite, but almost. To justify I will be buying the shoe from Penneys, I saw a pair on Thursday for 10 Euro.
Bangles - "Bellerina" at The Ivory Closet.
For this I don't need an excuse, "Just Because" is sufficient enough.
Big lashes and a sparkly smokey eye (Dazzle Dust by Barry M), all because it's Christmas. This is what I imagine for the night. Whether it works out like this or not is yet to be seen, I will do a post next week on what I end up wearing. My next Outfit in my Christmas Series is one for your Girl's Night out, because everyone goes out with their girlfriends before Christmas. Stay tuned for that which I will post on Wednesday next week.
So what will you be wearing for your Work Christmas Party? How do you justify your splurges?

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