Tuesday 20 December 2011

The Excitement Begins

My Christmas Excitement begins on December 8th. This is when I fish all my boxes and tree out of the shed in order to decorate my home. The tree goes up, the baubles, ribbon and lights are carefully placed in an orderly fashion and Santa graces my presence once more by taking up pride of place in front of my fire place (which doesn't contain a working fire). Candles are lit, lights twinkle and the Christmas Spirit once again fills my home. I am a Christmas Lover. It is my favourite time of the year. I love the magic! For as long as I can remember Christmas has always been a happy occasion and has been focused solely on the importance of family, love and just being together. Presents are just a happy bonus. This year while I decorated my house I played the new Michael Buble Christmas album which completely added to the vibe. I now cannot wait until the day itself for a few different reasons. This is the first year that Amina really understands the concept of Santa which has truly brought the magic back to the day. We will spend the day at my Mum's house with the family which I always love. Eating, drinking and laughing together, to me what it's all about. And I'm getting the boots I want ;)

 Are ya'll excited for Christmas this year? What are your Christmas Traditions?

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