Tuesday 27 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Stephen's Day

This was my outfit choice for yesterday, St.Stephen's Day. Usually a day spent relaxing, enjoying family and the gifts received or like so many out there, shopping the sales. Unfortunately I wasn't shopping the sales, I was working the sales. It was INSANE! I have worked alot of sales over a great number of years and I have never seen anything like yesterday. Pure Madness.
Stephen's Day Outfit

Dress, Cardigan, Boots and Hat - River Island
I love the boho vibe of this entire look. The hat is my colour, the dress has a feather print and that cardi is divine. Everything about it is me, me, me...
Jewellery - House of Harlow 1960
Again with my favourite boho design jewellery. Again with that bangle. Ah I love it so much, it kills me that I still don't have it. January pay check, you are already spent. I have to have these pieces!
I hope you like the outfit and that you all had a wonderful Christmas. If you hit the sales, you're very brave. Dying to go through my blog role and see all the sales hauls.

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