Wednesday 11 January 2012


It's 2012, the New Year, A Clean Slate, A Brand New Beginning... What does it all mean to you?

Do you look back on the last year and reminisce or forget the past and move full force ahead. To me it's important to do a little of both. I look at what I enjoyed in the last year and make sure I do more of that and try my best to eliminate what didn't work out. I go into the new year with goals that I want to achieve, like a yearly bucket list. I start to plan all the things that are important to me, like my little girl's birthday party, my summer holidays and any home improvements I want to do. I make out all the pieces of clothing that I want to invest in over the year aswell as everything else that I want for the year. It's my yearly wishlist. I will be doing a few of these wishlists over the next couple of weeks along with looking back on 2011 Red Carpets and all the outfits of choice that I have enjoyed, loved or remembered for some reason or other, all in preparation for the 2012 Red Carpets and Awards Season which is fast approaching.
Hoping you all have started off the New Year Happy and Healthy and that all of your dreams for 2012 come true.

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