Saturday 10 December 2011

A Quick Catch Up ~ Rihanna!!!

I went to the Rihanna concert at the beginning of October with friends. The ticket was my Christmas present last year from my wonderful husband. Now, to say that this woman is Fierce is an understatement. SO BEYOND AMAZING. I love her music. Her album Loud is one of my favourite albums ever. I feel it's completely versatile and has something for everyone. I don't think there is anything about her that I do not love. If you've touched down on my blog before you may have already realised this fact. On top of her music she is definitely one of my Style stars too. From her street style to red carpet style to her stage outfits. I love it all.

I took so many photos and videos on the night it was next to impossible to edit them down so i have picked some of the best photos to showcase this girls fabulousness.

The concert was Amazing. I cannot even describe quite how good she was. The best concert I have ever been to, and I have been to alot of concerts. She sang all her hits and sang mash ups to her collaborations. She literally had ever person, in the sold out arena, singing along with her.

I was on such a high after the concert and did not want it to end. I would have quite happily gone back and done it all again the next evening and every evening for a week. I wish I had bought tickets to go see her again when she returned for her second night on the 25 of November.

Rihanna I salute you. Two words ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!

Was anyone else at this concert in Dublin? Do ya'll love Rihanna as much as me?

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