Friday 23 December 2011

Christmas Outfit Series ~ Christmas Day

For my Christmas Day Outfit in my Christmas Outfit series, I have decided to put together an outfit the speaks about my style. From the boho feel of the outfit, the comfort factor, adding to the fact that all the pieces I adore and are, as singular pieces, each divine. I also put together this outfit with the thoughts of wearing it again as an outfit and also mixing and matching the pieces with other items of my closet in order to make entirely different statements. The Jeffrey Campbell "Litas" are still one of my favourite pairs of shoes around at the moment. When I talked a little about them in my LOVE, WANT, NEED, HAVE TO HAVE post I said that alot of my outfit ideas over the next few months and running into the near year would all contain these beauts. I haven't varied from that at all. I think in "Lita" style. It's quickly becoming a problem as I am yet to buy a pair :(
Anyway, here is my Christmas Day Outfit
New Years Day Outfit

Skirt Kimono, Top - All River Island
I love this outfit in its entirety. The skirt is a fabulous Waterfall style skirt with a shorter front and longer back. It's a beautiful colour which I can carry through to summer and it's a fab lightweight silk fabric, perfection! The Kimono is so beautiful. The flowers are like velvet and the tassels are divine. It really reminds me of a vintage kimono or even more updated, a Winter Kate piece. Either way, it looks way more expensive and designer looking than the price I paid for it. The vest top then is just a staple piece that is needed in every one's wardrobe.
Hat - Topshop
I love this hat, I want this hat, I need this hat.
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" Booties
See here in order to read about my obsession.
Jewellery - House of Harlow 1960
Obsessed. There really are no words. This bangle was on my Christmas List. Will I get it, probably not :( After Christmas when all the hype has died down and all the January bills are paid I will buy it for myself. I have to...
Lipgloss - Nars Ophelia
I hope you like this outfit. There will definitely be pictures to come for this particular one, so stay tuned for that.
What will ya'll be wearing on Christmas Day? Do you go glam or comfortable for the day?

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