Thursday 28 April 2011

Steal her Style

For Steal her style Mens Wear edition as promised I will be doing to different outfits. With this particular trend the dressy and casual styles are so different that this is why i have decided to be doing 2 steal her styles. For the casual I have chosen one of my favourite outfits from the past year. It's casual, yet stylish. It's dressed down yet super cute. That effortless style that we all want to achieve so hopefully you will find this helpful you're you're everyday, effortless style.

Kim Kardashian
The one and only Miss Kim K, who's style I adore and think that think outfit is adorable. I could see myself rockin this for the Irish summer, never knowing whether it's going to stay sunny or rain. Perfect effortless chic

Asos Tailored Cropped Boyfriend Blazer

Asos Basic Roll Sleeve Boyfriends Tee

River Island Khaki Crop Chinos

 For the sandals i knew exactly where i was going with this as River Island have stocked a pair just like these for probably the past 4/5 summers, however they aren't on the website so these are my alternatives
Miss Selfridge
KNIGHT Bronze Embellished Flat Sandal
ASOS Visor Sunglasses

For the bag I couldn't quite decide which bag to go for. Obviously if I had the money I would be buying the Balenciaga City Bag that Kim herself has however as I don't have a Kardashian's bank balance I may settle myself down and get one of these.
Asos Leather Keeper Detail Satchel E91.84

Warehouse @ Asos E85.28

Mischa Barton Buckle Shopper @ Asos E85.28

For the Scarves again I couldn't decide so here are a few choices that would fit the bill perfectly. Or do as I do and go to Penneys and get youself a collection of scarves to suit your mood. Cheap, chearful and I actually think I've seen a scarf just like Kim's in store

Topshop £16.00

Topshop £16.00
Zara E25.95
 So there you have it, one of my favourite outfits that you can put together. The comfy, effortless and ever so stylish Casual Mens Wear. Do you love?

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