Wednesday 13 April 2011


For anyone that knows me, knows and understands my serious obcession with clothes/style/fashion and that also i am not often in the position to afford the objects of my desire. so instead i copy, paste and save all my favourite items of the seasons and put together my "if i had the money" outfits. This blog is also a little extension of my obcession and another way to express my love of clothes.

So i think its super important to talk about the spring summer trends for 2011. We've all seen the magazines, stared longingly through the windows of our favourite stores and dreamed about our wish lists (well maybe that one is just me).
Basically the top trends standing out for me this season are broken down into
(1) Bold Colour within which colour blocking exists,
(2) Menswear (think your man's sunday best with a feminine touch,
(3) Urban sport/utility,
(4) Ethereal which covers ballerina style and most of the nude palette and pastel hues which have been released this season,
(5) Floral,
(6) 70's revival (my favourite) which i think would also contain the all white trend as Bianca Jagger in the 1970's made the white suit her trademark (pictured here in 1972 walking through Heathrow)

but again I this trend kind of falls under the same umbrella as the 70's revival.
(7) Last but certainly not least Sheer and Modern Metallics. It's alot to take in but broken down it reveals a fascinating bunch of clashing and truly eclectic styles. No longer do you have to sit under the single style tree, we can now embrace fashion in its entirity and change up our styles to suit our mood.

I will go into each one in more detail over the next week highlighting each trend, What it means for you and what I think are the best buys of each trend in both

high end

and high street

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