Tuesday 12 April 2011

Summer Denim

So as the weather the past couple of days has me dreaming of warm summer evenings, the smell of bbq in the air with my feet up and a cocktail in my hand. so maybe a few of those thoughts are wishful thinking but it has got me excited about summer fashion. i am not a lover of the cold and the winter especially due to the fact that (a) i don't drive and walking everywhere in the freezing cold and p***ing cold rain pushing a buggy is horrible and (b) layers add bulk and to an already bulky frame i don't need any more. from the moment the first leaf falls from the trees in autumn i am already longing for summer to come visit again.

So with summer approaching thoughts of florals and frayed denim are popping into my head. as with high street and high end fashion denim is a huge trend this season. this season denim is coming in all shapes and forms away from the trusty indigo skinny from the jbrand jeans in major summer brights

to the whole outfit being denim from MIU MIU

you may want to go way craazy and do something fashionista yourself and im all for individual style by im stlightly more demure and i have to dress in babyproof style :) so for me my most important styles to rock for spring and summer are the denim jacket, the denim shirt and the denim cropped waistcoat and i will be wearing them all this summer with pretty floral dresses, prom style skirts and and ditsy printed vests and very possibly the old favourite the skinny black jeans.

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