Monday 25 July 2011

Celebrate Collaborations

Fashionista Twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are the ladies behind this weeks second Collaboration to be celebrated and excited about.

The lovely ladies with their Fashion Child The Row have joined forces with TOMS, the One for One charitable shoe brand, who match every one pair of shoes purchased with another pair of shoes given to a child in need. Such a fab idea, especially considering The Row is a luxury apparel and accessories brand and may be unaffordable to many. The capsule collection of TOMS signature espadrilles have had Mary Kate and Ashley's style spin these basic shoes, with a good cause, into something special and sooo fashion forward, with a good cause. The espadrilles are made using Italian-sourced wool, cashmere and leather and feature a mix of plaid and herringbone so are definitely more lust worthy and Seasonal for Autumn Winter than the cotton, linen espadrilles that we have seen thus far. And sticking with the ethos of the TOMS brand, for every one sold, one will be given. "We feel it's really important to spread awareness of the TOMS One for One mission," says Ashley Olsen. Together, Toms and The Row customers will have the ability to give back and create change with a single purchase." One step, that's all it really takes. Change in this world is possible if every person just does their bit, takes the step that they can take and little by little change can be created. Making the difference to one person in their life. One little child who is given a pair of shoes will create change in their life beyond anything that any of us can comprehend. I believe that to change the thought process of one child can enable that child to grow and prosper. Positivity and encouragement and just a little help creates the chance to change the world, one little person at a time.
"The giving is so immediate and transparent," explains Mary-Kate Olsen. "Having the opportunity to be a part of something so meaningful has made the collaboration with Toms so special to everyone at The Row.

This is possibly the greatest excuse EVER for expanding my shoe collection, any excuse possible is generally the way but now I can actually be helping someone and be guilt free. I may have to purchase more than one pair...all in the name of a good cause.

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