Saturday 2 July 2011

Kate Moss Wedding

So the Bridal March is on repeat and I have been doing my best keeping up to date on the Wedding Season by covering all the Celebrity Weddings of the season with Lily Allen's wedding, the Royal Wedding, Lily Aldridge's and a few others in Wedding Fever as well as my own  Father's wedding and in September one of my Best Friends' Wedding. So as you probably know the supposed hottest wedding of the year, that of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince took place yesterday.

Now I will say now, I am not in any way a Kate Moss fan. I won't go into too much detail with my opinion but the chances are she won't be mentioned on my blog again. The dress was always tipped to be designed by Galliano, who is on trial at the moment for the drama he caused, but nobody knew whether or not she would go through with a gown by the designer or not, until yesterday when every one's questions were answered. 

Kate arrived at the church in a vintage Rolls Royce with her father and daughter. She wore a Vintage inspired Galliano gown, bias cut, in silk satin. The dress was decorated with sheer panels, what look like pearls and rhinestones and a gold sequined leaf print design that ran to the hem of the dress. She accessorized with Manolo Blahniks with a blue insole, her something blue, which unfortunately you can't see in these pictures.

She wore a white lace veil decorated with embroidered flowers and decorative flowers at either side of a head band. I love this veil, it's so beautiful, very vintage looking with the cap style and flowers either side and completely in tune with the countryside.

I can't quite figure out what I feel about this dress however. I definitely don't think it suited the setting of the beautiful Cotswold Country village and the tone of the wedding to me is a little confused. I mean look at all the gorgeous little bridesmaids in their pretty, simple, short chiffon dresses with gypsy style necklines and floral bands in their hair with little ballet flats, now that suits the surroundings but the sequins is a tad out of place. I think anyway. I get that he's a rock star and she lives that lifestyle and this may be her style and typical Galliano but I think I just expected WAY more from the dress. I like it but not for her, for this occasion and in this setting. And seriously she could have worn a bra, or at least some nipple covers. Jamie however, funnily enough I think looked good, apart from the glasses. The colour of the Stefano Pilati for YSL suit matches the Maid of honour and sits nicely beside the bridesmaids little dresses. I will say though, she looks happy and isn't that the main thing?

Kate had 14 Bridesmaids all dressed the same as well as her Maid of Honour, Jess Hallett, her former casting agent, dressed in Stella McCartney and her beautiful daughter Lila who is pictured holding Kate's hand. She wore her hair in loose waves which was done by Sam McKnight and natural makeup was done by Charlotte Tilbury. I left questioning this also. I mean, it's her wedding day and she looks as rough as she looks every day. I guess it just shows how much photo shopping goes into her pictorials. I think she looks a little disheveled to be honest. Well I suppose that is her style. I hoped for more!!!

Although I have said all that, I am hoping they release some pictures of the 3 day after party because you know that party was good. She was also reported by Grazia to have worn an Oyster Silk chiffon dress by Stella McCartney for her first dance and another Stella creation, a micro mini bodycon dress for the after party. A third Stella McCartney outfit, a 3 piece wool suit, is said to be her going away outfit. I definitely want to see some more pictures, especially as the list of big named celebrities there was fairly impressive.
So what do ya'll think? Did you like, love or not rate the dress?


  1. awww!!! what a beautiful day!! she is so pretty :)

  2. She looked so happy. I do think that she could have been a little more polished though. xx