Saturday 9 July 2011

Florals Highstreet Style

I love love love the highstreet supply of Florals this season. Everything is so pretty, girly and even when something may be a sexy cut it remains innocent and more refined with a dainty little ditsy print. As you have seen from my Trend for the Week Florals and Who's Wearing it posts, Florals are HUGE this season and whatever the clothing piece, Florals are something that are a Summer MUST HAVE. With this weekend here in Ireland being a long awaited party weekend for so many with the Oxegen Festival being held a Floral dress, pair of shorts or possibly a jacket are perfect to rock the festival style. Here are my picks from the highstreet, as always taken from my favourite stop shops.

Maxi Dresses
Top Row: Miss Selfridge
Middle Row, From Left: River Island and 2nd two Topshop
Last Row: Asos

Day Dresses:
First and Second Tables: Asos
Third: Topshop

Party Dresses:
First: Topshop
Second and Third: Asos

First Row, From Left: Miss Selfridge, 2nd two Asos
Second Row: From Left: First two Asos, 3rd River Island
Third Row: All River Island

From Left: First two Asos, Miss Selfridge,River Island

Middle Topshop, Other two Asos

Shirt: Topshop,
Kimonos and Sleeveless Top: River Island
Beaded Top: Miss Selfridge
I love this top, I have used it on a few occasions. It's so pretty and could dress up any outfit and for those of us out there worried about our upper arms or tummy it's great for camoflagueing those problem areas.

Top Two: Asos
Bottom Two: River Island

From Left: Asos, Second two River Island

So what do ya'll think? Do you like my picks? Is anyone going to Oxegen this weekend? Have ya'll spotted any gorgeous florals on the highstreet and want to share the love?


  1. I rarely wear florals but the ones that you chose from ASOS are gorgeous! I might have to rethink about it and get some! xxoxoxoo

  2. Hey doll, I really really love florals. There are so many cute prints available that there really is something to suit everybody's style. Asos is so amazing for literally everything that you should want or need. Have a look and I'd love to see whatever you decide to go with. xx

  3. loving the floral dresses and jumpsuits. thanks for sharing such lovely photos